July 7th, 2013



I am trying to plan a trip to NYC for the beginning of October. Can anyone recommend a decent place to stay in either Manhattan or  the Brooklyn area? For under $150 a night.

Do you have any tips for traveling around NYC?

Also, i found apartments that people rent for a few days? Is this a good/bad idea?

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What's the best thing a friend has done for you?

What's the worst thing a friend has done to you?

What was the strangest?
The last question was inspired by a recent letter to Dear Abby I read where a friend commented on how she loved the LW's purse. Then later, the friend dumped all the stuff that was in the purse, put it in her car and then gave her some money for it - obviously without asking...


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What are some projects you're working on? Do you have pictures of this project to share?

I'm going to refinish this ugly piece of furniture that my fish tank is sitting on. I don't have pictures though, because I haven't even bought the paint yet.

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My friend and I are making a video that talks about Native Americans in cinema.

Which is the preferable term: Native American, Native, Amerindian, Aboriginal, or First Nations? Or something else? Or is this an issue no one is likely to give a shit about?
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Funeral attire


One of the regulars at my boyfriend's work has passed away. I didn't know him very well, but I have met him a few times. He was a fun-loving, light-hearted man; always cracking jokes and what not. My boyfriend asked me to come to the funeral, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to wear, and my boyfriend isn't being very helpful: "wear whatever!". There isn't really anyone else I can ask, because I don't know the family all that well, and any mutual acquaintances aren't going to be there.

The funeral is on Friday, at 2 PM. The obituary didn't mention the word "funeral," but instead called it "a celebration of his life." I'm planning on wearing a dress, and I'm almost positive black would be out of place at this particular funeral. What colours would be appropriate for an afternoon celebration of life? Any links to dresses would be greatly appreciated! I don't have any good pictures of me to show y'all, but here is one that kind of shows my colouring and body shape.

I know I'm seriously over-thinking this, but I was very overdressed at the last funeral I went to and felt very uncomfortable the entire time (ironically, it was my boyfriend's grandfather's funeral - my boyfriend failed to mention that nobody would be wearing black!).

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So, I'm making this recipe to bring to my brother's tonight. I didn't realize until after I put it in the oven that I was supposed to use instant lemon pudding, not cook and serve. How royally did I fuck up this dessert? I've got my money on it exploding all over the oven and causing a mess, while my fiance is convinced it should be fine.

DK/DC: If it does end up being totally fucked, what dessert should I buy at the grocery store on my way over to dinner to make up for it?

2nd job question

How weird would it be to apply for a retail position at a video game store when I have an IT position at a hospital that requires a bachelors degree and I have no retail experience? When you're applying for a second job, are you clear about that in the cover letter? My first job is 8-4:30 M-F, no holidays so schedule-wise it wouldn't be TOO difficult to coordinate, but I don't know if that means I wouldn't be flexible enough (the job description I'm looking at just says "Rotating Shift").

Anyone have advice about holding down two jobs?
I've only had two jobs at once one time and that was at the same hospital so I have no idea...

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For those of you who buy books secondhand, what do you think of ex-library books? Generally speaking, are they more or less desirable than a regular used book, or does it not make any difference to you?

Inspired by a poster on another site saying they can't understand why anyone would want an ex-library book unless it was practically free, versus me going "WOOHOO, sturdy binding + free protective cover!" (at least for hardcovers. inevitably-wrinkled paperbacks are a bit less desirable)
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Is it actually pretty common for adults not to know much about the biological portion of sex?  Like where semen is produced, birth control methods, how a baby is conceived, and how a woman's fertility cycle works?

I have had 2 people in the last week display what I had previously considered extreme ignorance about sex.

The first person came to me worried about being pregnant and described several generic "symptoms" to me. It turns out that this person had not had sex since her last normal period and had been on HBC before that.

The second person is trying to conceive, took a pregnancy test 15 days before her period was due and asked everyone if we thought it was a false negative in a public forum. Turns out she had not actually ovulated yet and knew it, but had no idea that you can't be pregnant if you haven't ovulated. Apparantly she didn't know that ovulating means that you are releasing an egg which can then be fertilized. Her other two children just "happened".

What is your opinion on the state of sex-ed in the US?


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Are there any communities on Livejournal, or outside of Livejournal for people who are trying to purge their belongings and get rid of things?

Sorry guys I don't mean where to sell it or what to do with the stuff I decide to get rid of, I mean help to get rid of stuff and actually let stuff go.  

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Has anyone ever tried zumba? I've decided that I need to get out and try something as I'm either at work or at home and I thought it looked kind of fun.

What public groups are you a part of? (Sports teams, books clubs, anything that is a group of people getting together to do something).

DK/DC: What kind of phone do you have and how long have you had it for?