July 6th, 2013

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Would you pursue a relationship with someone knowing that relationship likely had a foreseeable "end point" (e.g., s/he is moving to another country)? What if you really really liked the person?

Or, *have* you ever pursued a relationship with this kind of knowledge?
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What is your favorite basic gluten free cake recipe? I got this idea from another TQC post. I have celiacs so I need to eat gluten free. Finding out kind of killed my baking mojo (I was never very good to begin with) but I want to get back into it. Favorite basic gf cookie recipe?

When was the last time you left the country you currently live in/call home? Where did you go and for how long? Did you have an overall good experience or bad experience or neutral?

Bored in club.

In a club. Buzzed enough to be enjoying myself but still sober enough so that I am bored with those around me. Other than drinking more any suggestions to enjoy myself. (They just switched dj's and not really feeling this one.)

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What should I wear today?

I'm going to a music festival, it's 25°C (77°F) and sunny with no wind so it's pretty warm, I'll probably move/dance around and sit on the ground a lot.

What are you wearing today?

Any outfit advice for upcoming events needed?

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I've been toying around with an idea for a novel. The more I think about it, the more it develops. However, I have not read many books in that genre (science fiction/horror) so I have no idea if the idea is original. Is there some way I can find out without having to read every book ever written in the genre? Does it actually matter? Am I going to get sued if it turns out that another book has a similar storyline?
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i'm thinking about switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet. this means severely limiting, even eliminating, my consumption of meat, dairy, and processed food. basically just eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. yeah, this sounds fucking awful.. but i have done some research and with the amount of cancer and heart disease in my family, it can't hurt to try and take control of my own health. my cholesterol is genetically high in the first place and i could use to drop some weight, too. anyone familiar with making this drastic switch? any shopping tips, recipe favorites, or general advice whatsoever?
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So, I'm watching the Walking Dead marathons this weekend, especially the episodes in black and white and it occurred to me:


Are they doing the episodes in black and white


A) As an homage to classic zombie cinema like Night of the Living Dead?




B)  A clever marketing ploy to get more squeamish viewers to tune in?

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TQC, do you consider yourself crafty?

What's the last thing you've made? What's your favorite thing you've made?

Any ideas for what I can make with some empty beer & wine bottles?
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Laptop bag

Inspired by this post, I have a quilted laptop bag I made for a Dell laptop I no longer have. My current laptop is too big for it. Does anyone want the old bag? Just pay shipping.

(Mods, if this is a no no post, let me know. I'm really not trying to self-promote, but I have this useless bag and figured someone here might as well have it...)

It's quilted with two layers of quilt batt in it, has two outside pockets for a mouse and the power cord/inverter, and velcro closures. The strap is long enough to hang off your shoulder comfortably (I'm about 5'7", and the laptop rides just at the top of my hip). It's completely washable. If anyone's interested, I'll post pictures and dimensions. I made the thing last year before I flew to California, and I have no use for it now.

I guess it's make a funky purse (does anyone even say funky anymore? I'm so old) or a diaper bag if you don't want to use it for a laptop bag. It sure wouldn't get lost on at baggage claim!

DK/DC: Does anyone say funky anymore? As in "kind of urban cool"?

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Poll #1922848 Castles made of sand

You're at the beach and you make a sand castle or some other sand sculpture. You're leaving. You've already taken a picture of it for nostalgia. What do you do with the castle?

Leave it to show off to those who come after you, that thing's damn cool!

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Which of these best describes the amount of effort you put into doing your job (or the last job you had, if currently unemployed) most of the time?

I push myself past my limits/put myself under severe strain in order to do the best possible work that I can
I try to do as good a job as I can without overdoing it
I do good enough work not to feel like a waste of space
I slack off a lot
I do as little as I can get away with without getting fired
I do nothing and don't care if I get fired
N/A - I've never had a job

What factor most determines your job performance at a given job most of the time?

I put the same amount of effort into each and every job regardless of circumstances
How much I like the work that I do
The amount of pay/compensation I recieve
How much I like my boss/immediate superiors
How I feel about the employer's buisness practices overall
How desperate I am to keep the job
My current mood/outlook on life
How much I can get away with
N/A - I've never had a job