July 5th, 2013

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I'm going to be moving out of my apartment in two months. We gave one month's rent as a security deposit when we moved in and we've kept the apartment in excellent condition. My mom says that in her experience, landlords (especially in big corporate-owned apartment complexes) just make shit up, way overcharge for any tiny dings, and in general are dishonest to avoid giving the security deposit back even when there is no reason to keep it. She said that when she lived in apartments, she always just gave notice that she was moving out at the end of the month and said to use her security deposit as the last month's rent. Even when landlords didn't like this or agree, there was nothing they could do because she'd be out of the apartment before they could formally evict.

This seems like a really bad idea to me, but at the same time, I don't want to lose $1500 to a dishonest landlord who is going to screw me out of my security deposit. What should I do, TQC?! (I have photos of everything from when I moved in and will take photos before I move out, but if they try to screw me over and lie I'd have to take them to court to get the money back and that's a huge hassle.)

DK/DC/Your mom is a terrible person: Any moving tips? How do you move stuff like couches and mattresses without getting them dirty?

si and am

Legit work at home jobs?

I've decided I'm going to try working part-time from home, so that I can get a swimming pool. I've put in applications at West@Home and Sykes Home/Alpine Access. Waiting to hear from them.

Does anyone here work from home, part-time, and make about $600 a month? I have beaucoup experience with inbound help desk/tech support call centers -- anything like that?

Eww bugs

Alright, this is probably a stupid question but I'm going ahead and asking it. I seem to have developed an infestation of gnats/fruit flies/whatever those annoying flying bug things that flock together are. I had a few days worth of dishes and some glasses of water left from yesterday and there were about thirty of them all over it this morning. I cleaned the dishes, took out the trash, and they scattered...and I'm going to do some heavy duty cleaning soon. But I'm not sure what's next. I have paranoia that they are laying eggs all over my house at this point lol. While my house is by no means clean, it is definitely presentable and not THAT bad that I should be getting bugs. What should I do?? Should I make a trap or something?

Dkdc, what was your last bug problem?

Stupid question :/

Having had my first small tattoo a few weeks ago (as a way to see if my fibro could deal with tattoo pain), I am now drawing up my second, larger, planned tattoo (it's a platypus). I am torn between foot and back, but I have a probably stupid question. Over the next year or so, I want to lose about 70lbs. Would that affect a tattoo on the centre of my back (down the spine at the top)? Should I wait until I've lost it all, or lost some?

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What are some cool things to get for a 12 year old boy's room? My half sister will be moving into a new home soon so I wanted to get her kids something for their new rooms. I already bought my nephew a bulletin board with his favorite football team's logo on it, but i'd like to get him at least one other thing (preferably not a poster or wall decal). Any suggestions?
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Has anyone here ever worked as a process server? Do you know if process servers are paid by the attempt, or only when they successfully serve the named respondent? Are they still paid if the person they serve isn't the named respondent?

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What was the last bit of junk email you got?

-I just read the subject line; 'Coupons for things you actually want!'...and then deleted it with the rest of them.

What did/will you make for dinner?

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Musical instruments in fantasy writing

There's a character in a fantasy story I'm working on and (naturally) I've run into a bit of a problem with him.

He's a very unapproachable/scary sort of character, but I want an element that takes him down a notch and makes him a little less intimidating, even if only briefly. My idea was to make him adept at playing some sort of musical instrument, but because the story is set in a fantasy world, I'm not really sure how to go about doing that. I feel like it would probably be awkward to have him use a real-life instrument like a piano or a harmonica, so would it be better to try to just invent an instrument (that's obviously based on a real one) instead?

Or, since that idea is cheesy and unoriginal, what other sorts of props could I use to make him slightly less intimidating without going overboard? I don't want him to save a baby from a burning building or anything humanitarian like that.

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Long story short: It's hot. Really hot, and the only window in my room is actually just a skylight. There's no way to put an air conditioner in. Does anyone know of any other options?

I've heard several people say that their tower fans put out cold air, but I can't seem to find any that do, and I've had several people tell me that they don't exist. I don't need something to cool the entire room-- just spot cooling, I suppose. (I sleep with two regular fans on me as it is, but it's about to get really hot again).

DK/DC: What's your favorite dessert recipe? Should I try my hand at making Nutella frosting?
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How long do you think it will take fleurtygirl to realize she disabled comments on her last post?

Will you share with us the last thing that you bought, or the thing that you most want to buy right now? If it's the latter, I bet TQC can advise you on how to most appropriately spend your own money.