July 4th, 2013

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My partner and I are finishing up a Kendo beginners course which we won't be continuing on with. We're both really keen on doing a different sport/fitness thing together but neither of us can decide on what that sport/fitness thing should be. What would you recommend?

ear pressure

UGH!! I literally cannot hear out of my left ear for 2 weeks now, ever since flying+ear pressure it has not popped. Flew 2 weeks ago, I always have ear issues plus I was coming off a really bad cold... no sloshing noises, so it's not water.

//& yes i've held my nose and blown, it doesnt work & hydrogen peroxide sitting in the ear.

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What nicknames do you have for the children in your life? How did they get them?

My two nieces are called little monster, because she was premature and couldn't cry properly and just made noises like a monster. And Bam Bam because she just plays the drums on anything, my face, her big sister, my sisters TV set...

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I get heartburn every single day, to the point where I almost throw up.
My doctor told me to try cutting things out of my diet for a week to 2 weeks at a time.
I have tried citrus foods, spicy foods, alcohol, fizzy drinks, dairy products, caffeine, pastry products, eggs and garlic.
No luck.
What kind of foods could be giving me acid?
What foods, if any, do you love but don't agree it's you?
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Tell me your most comforting cold remedies. I have a bad one that's residing in my chest, and I'm miserable.

(Please don't suggest going to the doctor. I have no insurance, and it's silly to go to the doctor for a cold, unless you're immuno-compromised).

So far I have Throat Coat tea, orange juice, Ricola AND Burt's Bees cough drops, Delsym, Vick's Vaporub, lotioned Kleenex, and Chloroseptic spray.
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What's the best multivitamin daily supplement? I've heard the ones at the local grocery store aren't very good. I eat fairly well but I'd be interested in a good supplement. Anyone know of one?


Is it illegal if a boss doesn't make up the difference for a server if they don't get any tips? Do servers have to at least make minimum wage... so if the restaurant is dead and there are no tips, you'd go home with having made 2.23$ an hour, does the employer have to compensate so you make 7.25$ (min wage)?

I've found some conflicting things and my boss thinks that if we make no tips/are slow, then we only make 2.23$ and he doesn't have to give us the difference so we get min wage. In Delaware if that changes things.

Any horror/good tipping/server stories? I'm serving for the first time Sunday...hoping it's not crazy slow like it was when I was the food runner Monday.
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Landlord woes

Am I in the wrong to feel upset about this situation, TQC? (Yes, this is a validate me post)

Long story short: my boyfriend and I moved in together on the 21st. We still have our old apartments for the time being. My lease isn't up until August 3 (and I'm paid up through then). I've been slowly cleaning and moving things, but since I haven't really LIVED there for awhile (I basically moved in with my boyfriend before we got the new apt), it's kind of a wreck. My landlord said he wanted to start showing the place after 4th of July weekend. Ok, great. I have the 4th off, so I'll spend all day cleaning it and gutting it so it's presentable for after the weekend.

I got a call from my landlord last night, where he said "So just so you know, I'm showing your apartment tomorrow. I stopped by to see what it looked like, and as you know it needs a LOT of work. Would you mind if I brought my cleaning lady over in the morning to spruce the place up before the lady comes to look at the apartment?" Cue my embarrassment of him seeing it like that, plus the "OH SHIT I have 4 hours to clean the place up instead of all day!" So I go over there in the morning, clean up the worst spots (bathroom, kitchen, etc) and throw a bunch of junk into a box. My landlord and the cleaning lady show up at 11, and the whole time the cleaning lady was VERY apologetic to me, but the landlord was just very matter-of-fact about it. They started packing up my shit and "organizing" it (and vacuuming), and at one point I heard my landlord call to the cleaning lady "hey [lady], there's another mess over here. Can you come clean it up?"

Overall, I was MORTIFIED that a) he'd come in to my apartment without my permission and saw the state it was in, and b) that he'd brought a freaking cleaning lady to clean up my apartment and get it ready to show ONE MONTH before I'm to be out of there.

How would you feel in this situation? Am I wrong in thinking that my landlord overstepped his boundaries here? Like, at least LET ME KNOW before you're going to come into my place. He called me at 8:30pm the night before he was to show it, and he called after he went into my place.

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Doctor TQC?

I woke up last night around 2 with the most horrendous calf cramp imaginable. I massaged it out, hopped on Google and drank tons of water and ate a banana and some raisins (for the hydration and potassium reasons). I was eventually able to go back to sleep, but it's still very very sore today and the muscle will every so often go into a smaller-scale cramp, almost like a spasm. I'm trying to keep well hydrated and eat foods high in potassium, but I work on my feet and have to go to work tomorrow. Any more home remedies I could try?

is this weird or do i know nothing about electric bills?

My husband and I recently bought a house. We haven't moved in it yet as our apartment lease isn't up and we wanted to paint and everything beforehand. We closed on the house in the end of June so the first electric bill I got is only for the last week of June (21st-28th). I knew our utilities would be higher but I was pretty shocked at how high it was for the week- $95.

Collapse )

he electric bill for the house (again, seriously for four days of using only lights and moderate AC) shows we used 490 kWh of electricity while our apartment electric bill shows we used 608 kWh for the entire month of June, actually living there.

This just seems off to me, even considering the larger size of the house. Should I get my meter checked out, TQC, or is it time to pull up my big girl pants and just realize the utility bill is going to be hella expensive?