July 3rd, 2013



1) How are walls you build around your mind different from walls you build around your heart?

2A) Have you ever built walls around your mind and/or heart?
2B) Did they ever come down?

Make up

Has anyone gotten their make up done professionally? Or like at a make-up counter? How'd it turn out?

I feel so flipping lost, like I look really awkward and weird with make up, but perhaps I just don't know how to wear it? Sometimes it seems appropriate to wear some.

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My friends and I are looking to stay somewhere coastal in Florida for one night next weekend. Any recommendations? Anything is helpful - whether to stay in a villa, hotel etc. We'd be looking for something very close to a beach (hopefully walking distance) with bars accessible (but not necessary). Hopefully within a few hours driving of Orlando.


Does anyone have any tips for managing extremely knot-prone hair?

I have boob-length hair that is naturally curly, and wavy when it's brushed out. I wash it every second or third day. It's not particularly oily or dry, just the ends are a bit dry. I almost always wear it loose, apart from when I'm at work, where I wear it in a low ponytail. I brush my hair every day until there are absolutely no knots, but by the time I brush it the next morning, there are loads of small knots, and usually one or two really big, matted knots at the base of the back of my head. I'm sure this has only really started happening in the last six months or so.

How can I stop my hair from knotting so much? I'm going to get a haircut in a few weeks, probably to about shoulder length - will this help?

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I put an apartment application in on Monday.  The apartment manager said that the background check would take a couple of days and asked what I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, I assume so she would know when she could call me.  Should I call her today and ask if the background check came back?  Or wait till later in the week?
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If you stop by unexpectedly, how many times do you ring someone's doorbell before you accept that they're not home (or don't want to answer) and go home?

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Okay, so here's the situation... I have a bad cavity on the side of one of my teeth. I've been complaining about it recently, and my mom suggested that I go to the dentist. That's good and all, but here's the part I'm confused about.

I think I have two dentists. I'm not exactly sure if that's still the case.

My first dentist is supposed to be my primary one. I've only been to that office twice. I was supposed to get extensive work done in regards to cavities and whatnot, but I'm not pain-tolerant. He suggested (and referred) me to another dentist. I have no idea who this guy is, and everything we've looked at just doesn't seem to help. If I go to this one, I'm not even sure if he's still around. And I don't know if they still take my health insurance (through the state).

My second dentist is my specialty one. He's the one who - if needed - can knock me out with sleeping gas and will be able to take care of the bad teeth easily. The only thing that I'll feel is the after-effects. I know this guy's name. I know they take my health insurance. I'm not exactly sure this is the right direction.

Which dentist should I see in regards to this? Note that I'll have to go at least twice. Once to have them look at that tooth, and once to actually have it done.

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A friend of mine's grandmother just gave away basically her entire live savings. This woman is in her 80s and her husband died a few years ago. She apparently wrote a check for just about every penny she has and sent it to a "friend" she knew years ago.

Does my friend/his family have any recourse? Can they get the money back? Is it illegal to take advantage of older people? We live in the U.S. if that helps
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My neighbor is deploying to Afghanistan tomorrow and I'm finishing up sewing his uniforms and gear. I am hiding some short notes with motivational/inspiration quotes in his pockets for him to find during the first few weeks/months, but I've run out of ideas.

Can you think of any good motivational quotes I can hide in his pockets? Nothing romantic or flirty, we're both married :) Is there anything YOU want to say to him, maybe?
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Need suggestions.

Anyone know of any songs/stories/poems that relate to someone being "the other woman?" Or maybe about a man (or woman, I suppose) not leaving their significant other even though they are in love with someone else? Anything of that nature would be super helpful! :)