July 1st, 2013

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Have you guys ever done a crowd-funding project, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo or Rockethub?  How did you go about explaining it to your friends/family and what were your publicity techniques?  Today I launched one to raise money to get my photography business off the ground, and I've done Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/emailed a few people with businesses who have expressed interest in my photography before.

My mom's response? "People aren't gonna just give you money," so there's that hurtle to cross.

Also, for those of you who have run these campaigns successfully, can you give me any feedback on my project profile?  Or even people who HAVEN'T done this before, since you're a ~general audience?~

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My friend is about to start teaching 10th-12th grade English, and is asking for used books for her classroom library. Through school I was always an advanced reader as well a a nostalgic one, so I have no idea what books are supposed to go on what grade levels. What do normal 10th-12th graders read? What must I make sure she isn't without?
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Political creepy hypothetical

The gay marriage ruling passed in America and the country became a bit more liberal. However, in this hypothetical, conservatives don't really understand homosexuality at all. After gay marriage is allowable, they start to get behind a movement to legalize marriage between humans and animals, but only dogs, sheep and horses (no point in making the marriages weird or anything), thinking that the next step after men marrying men is men marrying livestock. The Republicans are hoping to get a lot of liberal voters to get on their side for 2016. Lonely farmers and people with fetishes show up in rallies to support the movement. PETA is conflicted because while some animals gain legal rights and are treated as equals, the likelihood of forced sexual relations remains. The general public is very confused and kind of thinks the Republicans are trolling the country, except they're not. What would your vote be?

Legalize human-animal matrimony. Some people are strange and need some strange in their lives to be happy. Who are we to say no?
No.That's just wrong and the animal has no say in the matter. NO

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When you cook something that doesn't turn out right, but doesn't necessarily taste bad, do you keep it or throw it out?

I made this blueberry, banana, oatmeal thing and it turned out mushy instead of chewy and yummy. It doesn't taste bad, but the mushyness is kinda off putting. Now I have a ton of it left and idk if I want to keep it. I'll have to see if it still tastes good tomorrow after sitting in the fridge.

ETA: Next time I make it, I'd like to try it instead with apples and something else. What other fruit compliments apples?

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TQC, I know there are a couple of teachers here - I'm considering making teaching (K-12) my career path and am wondering how you decided what age group you wanted to work with? Both elementary and high school are very appealing to me (obviously, for very different reasons) and I feel like it's a pretty difficult decision.

TQC non-teachers, what was your favorite teacher like? What grade did they teach?

Also, anyone with Teach for America experience - I've read a lot of things that suggest the program is pretty problematic. What's your opinion?
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moving is hard

After about 5 years of not living at home last week I moved back home with my parents into my childhood bedroom. And in the process of unpacking and trashing stuff I don't need I've run into a problem. I have a very limited amount of space and theres really no good way to fit all my things back in this room. I however have a crap ton of wall space and I thought I could put up shelves only to find out two of my walls aren't "real" walls and I can't drill into them and the other is solid brick and I can't drill into it. Help me fit 5 years worth of stuff into a single bedroom? Send me design inspiration? Something? Anything?

tl;dr: Help! I have too much stuff and not enough space. How can I fit 5 years worth of apartment living into a single bedroom? I have a bookcase, a closet, 10 drawers, a full sized bed and a desk to fit all of in/on.
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Emergency Preparedness

Do you have any emergency plans and/or supplies? What types of emergencies are you prepared for? Not prepared for? What supplies do you keep in your residence for emergency purposes? What about your vehicle?
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On renting and wall destruction

So, like the newb home renter that I am, I affixed some wireless light switches to my wall with double sided mounting tape. When I pulled them off, they took chunks of the painted wall with them. I'm thinking I need to buy some of that spackling stuff and some white paint, go over it with the spackle (or whatever it's called), sand it down, then paint over it. Is there something else I should be doing or would that work?

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As you can see, I reaffixed the switches to the metal switch plate. Lesson learned D:
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Debt-Related Questions...

If you marry someone who has a substantial amount of debt (for example - student loan debt, medical debt, etc...), how likely is it you'll end up responsible for any / all of their debt? What can you do to protect yourself (for example - keeping assets / accounts separate)?

DK/DC: Would you marry someone who was / is significantly in debt? Would the type of debt sway your opinion?

Alternate DK/DC: Have you ever been in debt? If so, how did get out / are you getting out?
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What are some things you appreciate being able to do as an adult that you didn't have the opportunity to for financial or independence reasons as a college student/younger person?

I appreciate being able to buy sushi whenever I want, consider services like hair straightening, teeth whitening or laser hair removal and having and being able to plan and follow through on long term fun things, like planning a vacation or a fancy party, independently.


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I bought a Groupon for a boudoir shoot from a local photographer about 3 months ago. The Groupon expires in September, so I decided I should get going on it, and emailed the photographer to learn about setting up a session, etc.

She tells me that with her sessions, there is a $200 minimum purchase for prints, that was not included on the Groupon. It wasn't stated anywhere on Groupon's site, and it's not stated on her personal photography site. She said I also have the option to purchase the digital rights to the photographs for $350.

Am I wrong in feeling a little ripped off? Is it possible to get a refund from Groupon because of this?


Anyone here have any experiences with it? Particularly after an illness of some sort? I feel like such a drama queen, but since my episode of feeling sick/anxious/panicky last week I haven't wanted to leave the house. I'd really like to read that it does get better. :\

DK/DC/Weirdo! Who is super excited for the Divergent movie? Do you like the series more or less than The Hunger Games?

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I run an organized but not very formal football pool for my family. There's usually about 10 people in the pool and we've been doing it for maybe 10 years or more. We only pick the winners, no spreads or over unders or anything, whoever gets the most games right wins. We really like it this way but the only problem is there's a lot of ties. What's a good, easy tie-breaker we could use that isn't something random? It's gotta be really easy cause some of the ppl in the pool aren't exactly football experts.
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Two iPhone questions:

1. If I upgrade to the iPhone 5, can my son still use my old iPhone 4 to play games?

2. Do I need to do anything in order to be able to use my phone on a visit to England? (Before anyone says to call my service provider and ask, I did that last time with a different phone and they said it would be fine - then when I arrived my phone didn't work.) My coworker says I have to get the phone unlocked, then buy a new SIM card in England and use that one but sometimes she talks out of her ass, so idk. When my English friend came to visit us with his iPhone, he didn't need to do anything special.

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You are forced to move to an area that's known to be quite dangerous. Which of these dangers would you rather be regularly exposed to?

Drive-by shooting
Wild bear maulings

What would you rather join?

A violent gang
Extremist cult

Where would you rather volunteer

A medium security prison
A city morgue