June 29th, 2013


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How do you personally budget?  I always start off ok at the beginning of the month and then I kind of lose track and start sucking at it.  I'm worried about this, especially with me moving out on my own soon.

Do you use any apps on your phone for spending tracking?  I had one app that I did good putting it in cause I always have my phone with me but the app didn't have enough detail able to be put in on each transaction and that sucked.


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married people--how do you deal with fights with your SO in front of friends?

my husband waited after an entire weekend to bring up all this stuff he got upset about, instead of pulling me aside away from our friend to discuss it which in my opinion made me more upset because if we addressed it earlier we couldve stopped what was bothering him.


Constitution Vs the Law?

So, a friend of mine was asking me to explain the whole prop 8 debacle and I got really lost in his questions. Anyone have any helpful infographic or video to explain this case or even just the differences between the constitution and the law? I am terrible at explaining things even when I am 100% literate on the subject.

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So, we have a young kitten. We got her at 5 weeks old (too young - due to some circumstances out of our control) and now she's 10 weeks old. Unfortunately, we already had last week and this coming week booked for travel for my husband's work, but luckily some friends stepped up and offered to take her for a week each. We love her, I love love love cats and all animals and have wanted a cat FOREVER. She is like my baby, as much as a cat can be (surprisingly, a lot).

Friend #1 is more of an acquaintance, but part of a network of people here with cats who cat-sit for each other. The kitten was supposed to go with friend #2 as of this weekend.

I just got an email from friend #2, stating that the 6-year old daughter of friend #1 is very attached to our kitten, therefore they may decide to keep the kitten with friend #1 for the duration of our trip. No one discussed this with me, I was only notified today as I emailed about pick up times.

We wanted our kitten to get used to both friend's cats so that in future it would be smoother if we cat-sit for them and vice-versa. We also don't want her getting too attached to this little girl, which will make our return harder on both our kitten and the little girl. We are confused and a bit annoyed that no one bothered to let us know about the change of plans (or potential change of plans, I'm not even sure if it's set in stone yet).

Are we over-reacting? Friend #2 says I'm worrying too much, and that it will all be fine. She is just telling me that they will take care of it and not to worry. I think I just miss my kitten, but I feel like they should have at least let us know... :/

Dk/Dc - What are your weekend plans?
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student loans

I have federal student loans and I've been paying them for about a year now. A few days ago, I got this email saying that my direct loan have been transferred to Sallie Mae. What the hell is going on? I have never been late and I didn't sign up for this. What should I do?

Semi related: How much were your student loans? Did you pay them off quickly or just do the minimum? If you're still paying, how much longer?
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If you overheard your friend saying, "(you) keeps her house soooo clean and perfect, I almost want to puke. She makes the rest of us look like lazy-ass slobs," and the friends listening agreed with this, would you take it as a compliment or an insult? Your friend has no idea that you were nearby or heard what they said, so it's not like they were making a joke or something.

Edit: I should say she's less of a friend and more a neighbor, but we make a big effort to keep the neighborhood friendly and inclusive. I honestly don't think I'd have much to do with her had she not moved in three doors down :) it does seem like she values our friendship, though.

new camera

I lent my father my olympus shock/water proof camera. He lost it, so now he's buying me a new one. I'm undecided what type of camera I should ask for though. I just need a regular point and shoot, and would like something that is water resistant.  What would you recommend tqc?
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My house is pale yellow and I can't repaint it because it's coquina. The trim is dark green. I can repaint the trim. What color would go well as trim on a pale yellow house?

I tried stalking the neighborhood for other yellow houses, but they are all dark green too. :/ Apparently the builders weren't very creative.
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What would you eat?

Dear people of the question club,
I currently have no oven and only two electrical hot plates. This makes many meals impossible or very inconvenient to prepare.
What would you cook? Any ideas, recipes? (I hope this situation will soon be over, but until then I'd like to get some change.)
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Every 4-5 weeks a lady I work with asks me if I'm new. Every time I have to explain to her that I work around 10 metres away from her and have done for almost a year now.

Any suggestions for ways I can mess with her next time she asks?