June 28th, 2013


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I am doing a fundraiser for the Cancer Society as part of a group. We are all suppose to individually raise funds and then we will pool everything and donate-there's an event and everything.

I'm selling cupcakes to my coworkers to raise money. I thought I would add a paragraph about how cancer has affected me (specifically how my five year old cousin died) without going into much detail.

This would not be in a tear-jerking way, Just matter a fact; this happened to me and as such I care.

Does this sound like a horrible idea? There is nothing in the lunch room to read or do unless you bring something and I thought if I gave some background-donating for a cupcake would be more than just giving money to a charity but also helping to change lives of everyday people.

So: Good idea or no?
If you are one of the workers; how would you feel about reading something like that?
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There have been some recent q's about at what age a parent should stop being naked around a child for showering, dressing, etc.. and now I'm curious about the reverse.

At what age does it become inappropriate for a child to be running around the house naked?  Playing outside naked?  What about just underwear?  (Brought to you by my 2.5 year old running outside completely naked pretty much every day and if someone comes to my door, they are almost guaranteed to see a naked butt.  My only excuse is that he is only recently potty trained and does better naked or with just cotton undies, which he takes off in a flash)

DK/DC  - If you order something online and they ship it to the wrong address (a previous address of yours that you had updated but they somehow still got wrong.  They have admitted it was their mistake and have already refunded me the shipping cost) and the post office said they forwarded it to you more than 10 days ago but you still haven't received it, what would you do next?  Would you expect to be refunded by the company?
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I need some opinions.

I have a lump on my neck. About 2 inches behind my ear, toward the back of my head, by the base of my skull. It is about the size of a dime, and feels hard. It has been there since Wednesday, after I worked out. I have tried icing, and heating, and some light massage, but it hasn't gone down or changed at all. It is painful to push on.

My question is, does this sound like it could be a muscle related to working out, or something I should go to the doctor about? I have mixed feelings about what I should do. What would you do? Thanks for any advice/opinions.

Edited: Thank you all for the advice. I made an appointment for this afternoon. Fingers crossed that it's just a muscle thing.

Separated by a common language...

Would someone please explain to me what is meant by "bangs"? I know it's something to do with hair, but I don't know if it means layering, or what I would call a fringe, or feathering, or something else entirely! ETA: Answered, thanks! :)

Inspired by me finding out that hole-in-the-wall in the USA means a dive eating place or something like that.. wheeras here in Blighty it means cashpoint/ATM, and this being another Americanism I don't understand.

What common words with different meanings elsewhere confuse (or have, in the past, confused) you? Or words that you see used normally in other places, but aren't sure (or haven't been sure) about their meaning?
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In your next life, you will be reincarnated with magic powers based on the kinds of charity you supported in this life. For example, if you give to homeless people, perhaps you will be able to spontaneously generate food (and probably alcohol). If you give to the Audubon Society, perhaps you will have the power of flight. If you volunteer at the local animal shelter, perhaps you will be able to communicate telepathically with animals. If you quit your job to care for your invalid mother, perhaps you will have healing powers. So, what will your powers be?

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Let's pretend this is hypothetical because I'm shy about talking about sex.

Suppose your SO sends you an email instructing you to be wearing something in particular when he gets home from work at five because sex. Suppose this is the sort of thing you've been wishing he would do (so it fits in with your fantasies) but has never happened before. Suppose, also, that he usually gets home at seven, and you had made plans to hang out with friends from 4-6ish but hadn't mentioned it to your SO because you were going to be home before him anyway.

What do you do? Do you ditch the plans with your friends? Do you email your SO back and say "I'll try but I might not be home until six? Do you go hang out with friends very briefly before rushing home for interesting sex? Any decision must be made by noon because, hypothetically, you're going to be stuck in meetings from then until four.

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I understand that Sydney, Australia is losing its monorail! This is sad, a very sad thing. Here in Seattle, we still have our monorail but they closed the Egyptian Theatre, which is a fine art-deco theatre. We've been losing a lot of good places lately. Have you lost any places or things that you love in your city lately?

Need Your Help!

It's been solved! Thanks! For those wondering, the big one means 'love' and the little one means 'happiness'. Thanks to all who answered! :) (And yes it is a mirrored image. It was taken with my sister's webcam.)
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Serious answers only, please. :) Thanks! :D

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I have a friend who is really into running, and sometimes he comes over to hang out after he takes his daily run. He always showers and changes before he comes over, but he usually wears (clean) running shorts to my house. These shorts are specifically designed for running, and look like the ones olympic runners wear. As such, they are incredibly skimpy and short to the point they barely cover private areas. How do I tell him that his clothing choice makes me uncomfortable, and that it definitely is not appropriate to wear in public?