June 27th, 2013

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An earlier post made me want to post this. I am not doing this to start a flame war, which is why I tend to keep my opinions about it to myself. If you are/want to be married I mean absolutely no offense, this is just how I feel.

Does anyone else not want to get married? I don't mean not date/not have a long time relationship, I mean have no desire to make the relationship legally/in the eyes of god official? Do you find the idea of marriage kinda lame? Ever notice how weddings are basically cookie cutter with slight variations? Anyone else think that the most important thing in a woman's life shouldn't be to find a perfect white dress? What about people who break up, because while they love them enough to be married, they don't love them enough to not?

My feelings on this remind me of childfree people and parents. I have been told I'm a 'woman of the night', that I want to cheat on my boyfriend, that I don't want a relationship because I have no desire what so ever to be married. I guess we're technically common-law, we bought a house together, we got fish together. I have no desire and would probably freak the hell out if he proposed (he knows this). I don't have a ring, or a dress or a ceremony. I just want to know if I am the only one.

Again, if you are married or want to, I mean no offense. I am not saying people shouldn't get married or anything against you folks for being married. This is only my opinion.

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Are you married, or have you ever been?
Did you have cold feet? If so, how long did it last? Did you ever consider calling it off because of the cold feet?

edit: also, do you think if someone has cold feet, the marriage can work?

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Due to poor management-my store was left with only two workers at a busy time. One was helping another customer and I was on cash. The people I was putting through kept adding things and in total did four different sales (one after another, holding up the line) and making other customers impatient. The next person in line was very frustrated and it made me nervous. I started to get this feeling which was almost a combination of tightness in the chest and a pit in your stomach-I believe it was anxiety.

I have felt anxious and nervous before but never for so long. The three hours left of my shift (although things slowed down and my two managers returned to work) I felt the same tightness. It wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable and I worried that if we got busy again it would flair up more.

At home I relaxed a bit and feel fine. Has something like this ever happened to you? How do you get rid of this?

DK/DC/Perfect: What was the last time you treated yourself? What was it?

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TQC, over the last year or so, I've gradually just lost aaaaall my energy. I'm chronically fatigued, never wake up rested, and lately it's been making my job/life very difficult because it's sapping my speed and just general good cheer, which are necessary for me to carry out my responsibilities + who the heck just wants to feel like that all the time? I'm not sure if the source of my problem is external or internal. I'm also overweight. I carry my weight well, and most people would probably guess me about 20lbs lighter than I am, but I AM overweight and not overly active in terms of being an exerciser (although I am on my feet and walking around non-stop for work about 30 hours a week). But the thing is, I don't think this is why I'm tired. I've had the same lifestyle most of my life- even times where I've been much more sedentary than now- and have never struggled so hard to find the energy to just DO THINGS. I want to go to a doctor to figure out why I'm suddenly so tired all the time, but I fear that they'll do that thing people do where they like to attribute EVERY PROBLEM EVER to one's excess weight. Any time I've tried to bring up my problem with my mother (who used to be a medical professional), all she has to say is "get out there and exercise more". But seriously I don't think that's it.

Anyway, my question to you is, how do I go about talking to a doctor about this without having it be dismissed as a "fat person problem"? Should I just preface our conversation with "I don't think it's my weight/lifestyle because-"? IDK, I want to be taken seriously because at this point I'm about ready to pick up a stimulant habit just to feel LIVELY.

ETA: I should probably mention that over this period of time I have had periods where I have regularly exercised, eaten healthy, blah blah blah, and the problem persists. Like I said guys, I DONT THINK THAT'S IT BUT THANKS ANYWAY. NOT THE QUESTION I ASKED BUT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECT THE DOCTOR WILL DO SO I GUESS I SHOULD JUST GET USED TO IT.
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Have you ever been to a pawn/thrift shop? What's it like? Do you negotiate the prices, or is it pretty much you pay what they ask? Do you generally get a good deal?

I so had want to start visiting pawn shops to find old furniture, but I don't know how pawn shops work!

The Name Game!

Poll #1921280 What's in a name?

Which name do you like best?

Harper Natalie Husted
Harper Natalia Husted
Harper Noelle Husted
Harper Sophia Husted
Harper Alexis Husted
Harper Denise Husted

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Do you know anyone that is "famous"?

I went to high school with the guy that created livejournal (I didn't know him, but he was a senior and I was a freshman). I also had a high school teacher that was a (famous NBA team) dancer and a grade school teacher that owns (or at least her family owns) a really famous salt company.

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Is it even possible to cook fish without making your kitchen/the rest of your home smell like fish?

Because I am very interested in learning to cook fish, but I am so uninterested in a fishy smelling home.