June 26th, 2013

Bite me, bitch...

Got a few

1. Obviously, what do you guys think of the new LJ home page? Too attention whore for your blood, just what LJ needed, or something else?

2. I'm in need of hours of crappy wi-fi friendly entertainment for my 20-hour Greyhound back to Miami. What do you recommend?

3. If you were a Jamerican girl talking to a handsome southern guy, would it be awkward if he said people like the bath salts face eater need to be hanged? Would another killing method have been more acceptable?

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Have you ever been hungry but at the same time feeling a bit nauseated to eat? What the heck did your eat in such cases?

I'll be going to the doctor soon but I'm curious about others' experience. Part of me thinks its anxiety and now I'm just feeling sick due to lack of food. -_-

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So I am looking for a new couch set. During my research a shopping around of all the local furniture stores it has come to my attention for the first time in my life that love seats are a mere $20 cheaper than couches. It frustrates me that a smaller product is only slightly cheaper than a larger one so I am considering purchasing 2 couches instead of a couch and a love seat. My rational is that ill get more bang for my buck and I won't be irritated if any future roomate sits on my couch while my bf and I are stuck on the love seat. I'd get two identical couches and I have plenty of room for it. Is this a bad idea? Will it look stupid?

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Video Game Question!

Okay TQC, I play both casual games (Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled) and console games (Skyrim, Dragon Age). This morning I hit the end of Candy Crush Saga (did you know there was an end?! I was very disappointed. I have two weeks left on my pregnancy and this was one of my "sit down and take a break" games. Hrmph.)

So to entertain myself I'm asking y'all a few questions:

Currently I'm a level 42 dual-wielding Khajit wearing the very awesome Nightingale armor. I'm 90 hours in and I haven't bothered to pick a side to the conflict but I figure maybe I should soon soooooo...

The Imperials or the Stormcloaks? Please support your answer!
Favorite Skyrim story line? No major spoilers! :)
What is the point of cooking, somehow I'd rather just eat all the cheese wheels...? (Plus I make enough gold to just buy a bunch of potions - thanks Thieves Guild!)
Did anyone ever find Alchemy useful? I tried to give it a go, but preferred Smithing/Enchanting :P I don't think I'm good at using potions anyway.

DK/DC/How dare you neglect your child: What's your favorite FB game to kill time?

Ghost question again lol

Can anyone think of a rational explanation for this? I had a shower last night. Now, this is going to sound crazy but something felt odd in there. The air was heavy and I had an overbearing feeling come over me. To be honest, I didn't think too much of it at the time. The shower had been running for about a minute and I just put it down to moisture and heat in the air, since I like to have my showers hot. The boyfriend and I love our showers so hot in fact that we keep the temperature knob set on high. We never alter it. Ever. The only knob we ever turn is the water pressure knob, which also acts as the on/off knob.

I had my shower as normal. When I'd finished, I turned the on/off knob and got out as normal. This morning, my boyfriend asked me if I'd had a cold shower last night. I said no, and asked why. He said that when he got in the shower it was freezing cold. He realised why. The temperature knob had been turned to cold. Now, in order to go from hot to cold, you have to turn the knob from right to left, about 180 degrees (a half circle). It sticks in the middle a bit, so you have to give it a hard tug to shift it. There's no way I could have caught the knob accidentally, partly because of how hard it is to move it all the way across, and partly because there's about an 8 inch gap between the two knobs.

Can anyone please think of a rational explanation for this? Because at the moment the only thing I can think of is that I'm going mad and turned the knob without having any recollection of doing it. Or sleepwalking, which is something I never do.

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What is the most complex mechanical repair you have ever attempted??

brought to you because I will attempt to replace the bottom bracket and crank on my crap o matic mountain bike

are you mechanically inclined? or are you tool deaf?
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My boss has some china that's been handed down through her family and she'd love to know more about it. I thought I'd see if anyone here knew anything about these pieces.

She has a few pieces of Collapse )

It's a long shot I know, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try here. :)


Think of the last person you fell in love with.

1) At what point did you realize you were in love with them?

2) How long had you been together when this happened?

3) Are you still together?