June 25th, 2013

devon ramen

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what are some of your favourite chick flicks / romantic comedies? what were some of the recent ones you watched that you enjoyed?

i just watched when harry met sally and loved it so much! 

Demisexual question

I've heard a lot of people claiming that 'demisexuality' is wrong and messed up and that people who claim they are demisexual are bad individuals. I had never heard of the term before but it apparently describes someone who only has sex with a person when they feel they've got to know that person well and are in a long-term committment with that person.

So... I don't get it. What the heck is so wrong about this? Am I missing something? Because to be fair the term 'demisexual' describes me down to a tee. And I'm not sure whether I'm doing a bad thing here.
Paradigm Shift

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Favorite Roberty Downey Jr. movie?

Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 2
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tropic Thunder
Due Date
Two Guys and a Girl
Natural Born Killers
Less Than Zero

Favorite Johnny Depp movie?

Alice in Wonderland
Sweeney Todd
Pirates of the Caribbean
Dark Shadows
Edward Scissorhands
Sleepy Hollow
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Corpse Bride
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ninth Gate
Donnie Brasco
Ed Wood
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How many days weeks should I let my neighbor's newspapers collect in the street and driveway before it is safe to just pick them up and throw them away without being accused of stealing their news?
ETA: They are home and alive.

When you go for a walk in a neighborhood with sidewalks, do you get annoyed when people park their cars blocking the sidwalk when there is plenty of street and driveway parking?  Someone on my street does this and I always have to push my son's stroller in the street to get around.

(FWIW, I would never say anything or make a big deal out of this stuff.  Just musing on my first world mini annoyances.)

Do you sleep in your bed?

My mom uses "sleep in the bed" as a euphemism for wetting the bed. Like, "don't drink too much soda or you'll sleep in the bed." She's the only person I've ever heard use this. Have you heard it?

What weird sayings did you grow up with?

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What are your favorite young adult novels? What genres are they? Harry Potter goes without saying, but I'll understand if you want to list it just to show the colors.
TV - ANTM - Allison

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Has anyone seen or heard of this business, Pocket Pets? How do you feel about this?

I saw them doing a presentation at the mall a couple weeks ago, basically selling sugar gliders (they call them "sugar bears" though...wut?) to impulse buyers. Talking about how easy they are to take care of, how wonderful they are as pets, how cheap they are to care for, how their shit literally doesn't stink, and how they don't have many of them and they're leaving in 2 days so hurry up and buy them for only $250! The whole thing really put a bad taste in my mouth.
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Baking question!

Oh bakers of TQC, I have never made a jellyroll cake in my life but tomorrow is my friend's birthday and I want to surprise her with something delicious. However, she is vegan, and I'm not finding any vegan jellyroll recipes that wouldn't require me to buy stuff I don't already have (flax meal, soy milk, etc) as I'm on a tight budget. Do you think this recipe could be used for a jellyroll cake? Would I need to increase the oil content or add applesauce or something to make it softer/more moist?
I want to make her a peanut-butter filled chocolate jellyroll. If not I could easily just make a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling or frosting, but I want to do something really special for her...

nervous cat mom

I'm leaving my two cats for 5 days with plenty of food/water/clean litter. They'll be fine, right?

Usually I have a friend that will check in on them for me, but he'll be out of town too. I'm not willing to give my apartment key to a stranger. Please tell me it'll be ok?
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Would you be offended if you heard an American tell their English spouse in a joking way to "speak English"? (As in, he used a word unfamiliar to most Americans or his accent was thick and could not be easily understood.)

I do this somewhat frequently and I think I pissed some people off who overheard me today?

U.S./Canadian Border Crossing

I'm reading horror stories on this site about crossing the border from the U.S. to Canada and vice versa. I'm attending a week-long convention in Toronto next week, and I will be making the solo drive from FL to ON (I'll be driving through the Buffalo/Ft. Erie Peace Bridge). Are the border patrol on either side really that mean? What questions should I expect to be asked? Any tips to make the crossing easy? Do you have any horror/pleasant stories?

--I've never traveled out of the U.S. post-9/11 (my only time ever leaving the country was on a family car day trip to Vancouver from Seattle back in the mid-90s).
--I don't have a criminal record (worst offense are a couple of speeding tickets that are 6-7 years old that were paid within a week of occurrence).
--While all of my documentation (Passport [just got one last week], drivers' license, birth certificate, car insurance, blah blah blah) is in my name/FL address, the car is registered to my father (we have the same name) and his GA address but the tag is FL. Is this going to raise any red flags?
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Question for people who are around kids and stuff a lot: what do teenagers these days say when they want to "hang out"? Like what phrase do they use? Do they still say "hang out"? "kick it"? I feel like there's no way anyone under 18 is still saying "hang out" but I don't know any actual kids so I have no idea.