June 22nd, 2013


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I'm looking for the name of a kid's show that came on around the late 90s/early 2000's (at least I think that is the right time frame).  I'm not sure but this is the description of the host that I remember: average guys with dark hair and dark mustache, he wore a dark shirt and maybe suspenders.  He would draw and explain what he was drawing as he drew it and encourage you to draw along with him.  He drew a lot of cylinder type of things  (cities using them as buildings with holes in them for windows).  That's all I can recall.  Anyone have an idea of what this may be?
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Shampoo Recommendations?

I've got super thick, coarse, undyed hair. In winter, I don't wash it very often, but with summer it's definitely a must. When I wash it (Garnier Fructis or L'Oreal), it dries out and feels unpleasant. If I condition (L'Oreal) it as well, my hair gets weighed down and lank-looking for a day or two.

I'm not a hair-product connoisseur, but maybe you are? Is there some magical shampoo/conditioner/treatment that might solve my problems?

Cameras and Babies

So I'm three weeks out from right around when I probably won't be popping my second kid out of me (because y'know, due dates and babies aren't an exact science). With my first we had ourselves a snazzy little Kodak Easy Share with it's massive 3 megapixels or whatever was happening seven years ago. I've since traded in my Easy Share for my iPhone 4.

Here's the thing, I've been debating whether or not to buy an actual camera. The reason I use my iPhone is because it's easy, it's there, and I don't have to lug anything extra around. I'm not a pro or even an amateur. I'm just a mom who likes to snap photos of the fam and text them to the grandparents who live several states away. Still, sometimes I think - could I get a better photo (for my purposes) if I had a *real* camera?

Thoughts TQC? Should I buy a new camera or stick with my iPhone? I'd hate to spend the money and then never use it. And speaking of money, if you think I should get a separate camera, what's a good quality one under $100?

DK/DC: If you're normally a decisive person, what's something you always struggle to make up your mind about? Or, if you're normally indecisive, what's the one thing you always choose and know without a doubt? 


My bf's cousin is moving in with us for a few months while she does her internship and figures out if will be a permanent gig.

I am not used to having house guests for this long of a time, so I want to make sure she feels comfortable.

What have you done for long-term houseguests to make them feel comfortable?

If you were staying at a friend/family's house for a while, what would you love that would make it feel more comfortable and homey?
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Imagine that you have a job that you love in all aspects except the pay is a little low. You ask for a raise twice and are refused. Since you're having trouble making ends meet, you look for a new job and are offered a similar position for more pay. When you give your notice, your boss offers to match what the other company is offering if you'll stay. Do you stay or take the new job?

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Because my neighbor is/was (not sure if he's done) driving his ATV around at 9:45pm

How late is too late to use an ATV around the same residential area (not just passing through)?
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Hey TQC, I'm hoping for some fashion help. I'm trying to put together an outfit for a concert followed by some club hopping in a few weeks, but so far have been very underwhelmed. Can you recommend some websites that have decently priced but cute plus sized clothes? I've been to FashionJunkee, Lane Bryant, AmiClubWear etc...I'd like to keep it below $100.

DK/DC/fashion wut: how long have you had the computer/device you're currently using to read this question? Is it still in good working condition?