June 20th, 2013

JLAW; pretty

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On Tuesday I got my hair cut and highlighted. When I brushed it to put it up later, it felt sort of rough and tangle-y, but I just put that up to the hairspray used. However, after showering it is still super tangled (I will brush a section and it still is impossible to pull a brush through a minute later) and almost straw-like.

I got the color done at a salon and this has never happened to me before - only when I used to use at home bleach. My hair is thick but fine, I usually do not have trouble with tangles and it is super soft. My biggest concern is I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and I don't have time to get my hair fixed. Will it be okay to still style my hair as normal? I don't want to cause any lasting damage.

tl;dr I miss my nice soft hair :(

TQC: what has been your worst salon/hair nightmare??

ETA: did some serious conditioning, my hair is much nicer now :D Definitely was a case of over processed dryness

Weight Loss

Have you ever been on a diet/exercise plan/healthy eating mission with the sole purpose of losing weight?
What's the biggest amount of weight you've ever lost?
What effects did it have your body? (Both positive and negative?)
Have you or someone you know ever lost a huge amount of weight? How much weight? How long did it take? What methods were used?
I'm currently 11 pounds into a 100+ pound weight loss.

how weird is it?

lets say at your work there are only bathrooms that are open to the public, there are absolutely no employee-only bathrooms. all the bathrooms have multiple stalls. you live about 15 minutes away and can easily go home during your lunch break.

on a scale of 1-10 how weird is it to plan your lunch break around when youll need to go #2 so you can go at home?

on a scale of 1-10 how weird is it to tell your coworkers about this?

do you have a favorite coworker, why? how about a least favorite?

dk/dc/independently wealthy/self employed/etc. - if you had 10 million dollars and had to spend it all in one year what would you do? keeping in mind if you buy a mansion youll owe taxes for years to come and would have to afford that and all upkeep on your regular income.

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I'm looking to start getting fit and I have no idea where to start. I have a bmi of 27.6, if that matters. I don't consider myself fit but I do work 13 hour shifts where I'm on my feet alot.

So my question is; how do I begin to regain my fitness? I'm worried about jumping into something (so to speak) and tiring myself out too easily/injuring myself. I want to lose weight but also just become fitter in general.

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TQC I am having a bbq on Saturday.
What kind of marinade should I put on the chicken?
What else should I serve?

We are having chicken, ribs, potato salad, grilled vegetables, corn salad? I don't know what else to get :(