June 19th, 2013

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Do you believe in good and evil? How would you define them?

DK/DC: Did anyone else see After Earth? How'd you like it?

For me, oh my god, no one could kill what should be an awesome plot line like Shyamalan. -shakes head- Every single time I fall for it, I'm like, "No it can't be that bad, it has all the stuff I like!" Then I leave going, "Damn it, Shyamalan, how do you manage to get me to come in ever sing time just to disappoint me?" I feel this relationship is unhealthy. [Spoiler (click to open)]Plus the whole thing with the alien's smelling fear left what seem like some odd plotholes. =/
Paradigm Shift

The Hero Gotham Deserves

Let's say there's a vigilante in your city. He attacks those he sees as criminals, beats them savagely, and leaves them for the police. Usually they're caught in the act of a crime, so they can be booked, but maybe 20% of the time, they just fit the profile (gang colors, associates of criminals). These 'suspects' are released. Obviously this vigilante is profiling people in your city. Crime has gone down a great deal. But, for every 4 people that are caught and put in prison, 1 innocent person is assaulted and needs hospital care. The police are looking for this vigilante, who calls himself The Hand. One night, you notice The Hand on a rooftop across the street, spying on someone. Out your other window, you see several police officers approaching that house, obviously called by a neighbor. You have the opportunity to warn The Hand if you'd like to see him continue on with his work, or you can see him take the fall. What do you do? No one will notice your warning except him

I warn him. I let him get away. He does more good than bad, and crime is down
I let the cops catch him. He operates outside the law and is harming innocents
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My closest friend has a job and I don't. She always wants to go out to eat, go shopping, go get drinks, etc., and when I tell her I'm broke she always just says she'll pay for me so that I can join the fun. A lot of the time, she sounds like she's practically bribing me, like, "do you want to come over? I have weed." and whenever she says things like that I make sure to let her know that I want to see her regardless of anything she can, you know, provide for me.

So we do that a lot, and honestly she has been paying for a LOT of stuff for me lately. So the other day she asked me if I could give her a ride home from the doctor's office after she had some minor procedure done, and I was like yeah but I have literally no gas in my car but I can totally come get you if you can throw a couple dollars into my gas tank. She said something about how she didn't have much money either and would just drive herself. Then she didn't talk to me for a few days, and this morning I woke up to a very long text message from her about how it hurt her feelings ("felt like a slap in the face") when I asked her to pay me to do her a favor, and how I always expect her to buy me everything and I never reciprocate, and how I've gotten so spoiled, and how she feels really taken advantage of, and how much it sucks.

I never ASKED her for any of the things she did for me, it was always offered. And now I feel like it's being thrown in my face. Her message made me feel super gross and uncomfortable and never want to accept anything from her again.
Am I at fault here, or is she being weirdly manipulative??? What do I even say to that?
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Shopping Bots

I was a big fan of Google Shopping until it started providing information only for businesses that paid to be listed.

So where does the savvy TQC shopper go to find the best prices for stuff online?

Don't shop online/don't care? Tell me the last item you bought that was a disappointment.

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Does anyone have a degree in Marketing or Advertising? Can you tell me what you do, likes/dislikes about your job? Anything else I should know?

DK/DC/Please make me feel better: Did you go to school for something, graduate and then figure out that you weren't really interested in what your got your degree in? How did that go?
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Can you help me out with collecting data for my Statistics project?  I am taking it online and I have to collect data from at least 40 people.  (More is fine.)  And I don't know many people where I currently live.

If you are in college, how many hours do you work per week, at the moment?
For those out of college, how many hours did you work your last semester?

If the number is 0, that's fine, too!  I need any number of hours 0 and up.

(And I mean, at a job.  Not work as in studying.)

Geeky Girls

B.A Psychology? Worth it?

For those of you with a B.A in Psychology, was it worth it? If not, why? Where are you working now? If you feel like sharing, what kind of wages/salary are you making?

Is there anyone who is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner? Is the training/certificate worth the job title?

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DK/DC What are your favorite cookout foods?

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Have any of you worked for Geico, particularly in the call center and/or claims department?

I have a second interview with them tomorrow and the job they're offering me would pay a salary of 37k a year which sounds INCREDIBLE to someone with student loans who is working minimum wage and has to live with her parents, but everything online is telling me Geico is an absolutely shit company to work for and I'll probably need a xanax prescription within the first 6 months of working there. Some locations have a turnover rate of 60% which seems astronomical to me, and I won't even be able to pee when I'll need to. My ex worked there and he was miserable every day of his life. IDK, from what I can see the only thing the job has to offer is the salary, but it almost seems worth turning the job down and continuing to look for something better when I consider I might be one of a million "disposable" employees fired for clocking in a minute late one morning which will leave me with an ugly stain on my resume. I'm already working a job where I'm basically cattle, and I want to move away from that toward something where I'm actually valued and rewarded. What are your thoughts/input?

Mole removal

Today, I had a mole removed in my face, near my nose. The doc said to keep the wound away from water for 2 days... I also had some lil' nub on the back of my head removed (connective tissue, just annoying but no cancer danger) and he didn't say anything about it. I should have asked but I was a lil' woozy and it's too late to call now. :( Can I shower like tomorrow? It's 90 degrees Fahrenheit here and I would stink if I didn't shower every day-

Have you had moles removed and how did you care for them? Changed your band-aid every other day? No band-aid? Did you disinfect it when you changed your band-aid?