June 18th, 2013


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Hey tqc.

I've lived in apartments/rented houses for like seven years and I've always had roommates. I'm moving into my very own little one bedroom in a couple of weeks.

1. Any tips for making living alone awesome? Aside from cleaning and nudity, I'm not particularly excited about it.

2. What are the odds I will find friends in my building? I (with no basis other than guessing) feel like the rest of the tenants will be adults with children. I'm 27 and work in a bar, so I may or may not live like a fairly mature 19 year old.

Upcycling old t-shirts

Does anyone have any good step-by-step guides (with pictures, preferably!) for cutting up old t-shirts? Like adding fringe and funky patterns and whatnot. I've tried improvising and the results were meh. I found some things on pinterest but they tend to require more skill than I've got.

How else might you upcycle old t-shirts that you don't wear but don't want to get rid of? I think I'm going to do a scarf, and maaaaybe a quilt, but I'm not super competent with a sewing machine, so simple ideas are best for me, and I don't really want to pay someone else to do it for me.

DK/DC: What's your favorite t-shirt?

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This past Friday, I was hanging out with my sister-in-law, and she asked me my opinion on a difference of perspective between her and my brother regarding allowance. She wants the kids (13 and 9) to have to do chores to earn allowance. My brother wants allowance and chores to be separate. She didn't understand why. I told her my understanding based on our shared upbringing would be that he probably wants allowance and chores separate because you don't have a choice to do chores. You do them because you are part of the family, and a family does things to function, and that's what is expected of you. Whereas if you pay them to do the chores, they could effectively think, "well, I will not do these chores and just not get my allowance this week." My question is twofold:

What's your take on allowance?

The kids currently have no chores. She would like to give them chores, but doesn't know what - she's a stay at home mom, so is kind of at a loss as to what to have them do. What chores did y'all do at that age, and/or what chores do your kids of that age do? (I suggested regular room stuff - make beds, tidy up, and weeding. I feel like at that age I was constantly weeding.)

I will report back your suggestions to her, and inform her this is what the internet tells her to do.
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hi !

Moving into my first apartment next week and I have no idea what to do for decorating ideas?!
Got any tips ?
Where should I get the bulk of my furniture ?
I am on a budget of 1,7000 for the whole apartment !

BTW, I am so excited !!!

So that this post is not all about me:
1. got any "first apartment" stories?
2. how was your day?

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My roommate went to the farmer's market without telling me before I went grocery shopping, so now I have 8 large green peppers and 5 HUGE cucumbers (along with a lot of other fresh vegetables.) What are your favorite ways to eat bell peppers and cukes? So far I plan to make some hummus to dip them in, and possibly make couscous-stuffed peppers for dinner, but other than that I'm at a loss.

Do you like to sing karaoke? Do you have a signature song?

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I got my cat a four-month pack of those squeeze-on flea and tick repellent liquids, and I put the first dose on him this morning. A lot of it got on his fur instead of his skin because he kept moving around and I didn't have anyone to help me with cat-wrangling. Should I try to put the second dose on him, or should I wait for next month to try again? He doesn't go outside much these days, but it's been so rainy here that I don't want to skimp on precautions. :(
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I just spent a ridiculous amount of time shopping for something to wear to my cousin's wedding and this is the only thing I found that I liked, but I don't really feel like it's appropriate for a wedding. What do you think, TQC?

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Verizon Upgrade Question

My husband and I are currently eligible for upgrades through Verizon (we have a shared plan). He has the grandfathered unlimited plan and I do not. Couldn't we use the upgrade for my phone (I adore my iPhone and won't upgrade until the next one is available) and then transfer the phone to him once we get it?

For what it's worth, he is getting a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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What were some of your favourite childhood books, poems or songs? What were they about? Why did you love them?

My favourite was 'The Pony Man' by Gordon Lightfoot. It's about a man who brings some magical ponies to kids at night and they ride around fanciful places.

My Nanny would sing me and my sister to sleep with it every night. :)

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Ever had a doctor tell you something that made you think, "Huh? What?" Note, this is different from thinking, "Oh, crap!"

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Wow, after reading the comments, it seems like there are a lot of strange doctors out there. Mine weren't dumb, but what they said sure surprised me.
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Would you ever "break into" (i.e., enter with a key, but without explicit permission) someone's house to retrieve your belongings that said person refused to give back, if you knew there was no way you would get caught? Would your answer differ if the person had stolen your missing belongings, rather than borrowed and refused to return after multiple requests? What if they were more expensive items - like furniture and a TV - instead of cheaper, easily-replaceable things?