June 17th, 2013

Paradigm Shift

Zombie survival poll (again). A lot of these options are different

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! The dead are back and they're causing trouble. People are arming themselves for protection. By the time you get to the stores for weapons and armor, it's all been picked through. This is all that's left. You can only choose one weapon/makeshift weapon to defend yourself. What do you pick to fight zombies?

Bowling ball
Justin Bieber wooden cutout. Solid wood, weighs about 20lbs
Prosthetic arm
Hand grenade (two)
40lb sledgehammer
3' slender scratching post/cat tree
Two 12 inch dildos
Supersoaker filled with hairspray, Zippo lighter fastened to end
High powered slingshot, 20 shot
2 brass knuckles, the kind with spikes

You can only choose one armor/makeshift armor for yourself. Which one?

Captain America shield. Tin. Fairly sturdy, can't be damaged by bites or claws
Gorilla suit. Weighs about 25lbs. It's hot inside, visibility is iffy, but it's extremely difficult to bite or claw through
Suit of plate mail, jousting armor. Weighs about 90lbs. High protection, visibility alright, but difficult to move around in
Human-sized hamster ball. Plastic. It's hard to get through but it does draw attention to you and may be difficult to adjust to movement once inside
Fetish dress. Vinyl, knee-length, elbow-length, skintight. Difficult to bite through, somewhat difficult to move quickly in

What transportation device will you select?

Adult-size Big Wheel
Roller skates
Barbie bicycle. Made for a tweenage girl, so smaller than average adult size. Hot pink
Street luge

How perception changes

I went to a school reunion last week (25 years) and it's been almost 20 years since I'd seen most of them. Some people I hardly recognized any more, some instantly. One guy especially. We'd been dating in highschool, he was my first real love. I thought he was SOOOO handsome back then. And when I saw him like 5 years after highschool, I still found him attractive. Now, 25 years later, he's still lean and muscular (so he did better than most of us) but all of a sudden I saw how ugly his face is. He has and always had a hanging eyelid, he's got no chin at all, and, yeah, he's totally ugly.

Did I really need 25 years to get over that guy to see what I didn't see in highschool?

Do you have stories about people you hadn't seen for ages and then saw all the things, good and bad, that you hadn't realized before?

breakfast foods at meeting

I have to bring "treats" to a meeting tomorrow at 9:30am. on a scale of 1-10 how appealing are each of these choices?

bacon jalapeño deviled eggs - http://www.realhousemoms.com/bacon-jalapeno-deviled-eggs/


mini pancake bites with fruit baked in - http://www.pincookie.com/how-to-pancake-bites/

I am going for one sweet and one savory option. I want this to go well, so if you think these two options are awful i'm open to suggestions and ideas.

Are you known for any dish?

Have you ever been to a dinner party? Thrown one? how was it/what was served/was it themed? I would like to throw one in the nearish future and would like your experiences.

Lack of privacy/autonomy in a roommate situation

It's somewhat complicated but I will try to make it as simple as I can because no one wants to spend an hour on this.

My best friend co-owns a condo with his father. Both are on the paperwork. His father lives in the house Friend grew up in with Friend's mother and sister, so he doesn't live in the condo with Friend. Friend actually still spends 3-4 nights a week at his parents' but that's another story (we're 30, for context). A few months ago I lost my job and Friend and parents thought it'd be a great idea to have me move into the condo. I could pay just a few hundred a month, easing the pressure on me while I job hunt and it'd save Friend and parents some money, win/win! They still help him with finances since he is going to school, which is cool.
Except it almost immediately turned into a situation where they claimed they could no longer afford the place and needed to sell it/get someone in there "who would actually pay" (their words). Meanwhile, they started refusing my payments. I reluctantly had to involve my own mom because Friend's mom kept calling her to "explain" everything (I guess assuming that I run and tell my mother everything that happens to me? I don't know.). My mom offered to pay half the mortgage/fees for 2 months so I could have time to find a place and they refused but said I could still stay for 2 months to find a new place. Ever since I moved in, Friend's dad sees no problem with showing up unannounced and going into our rooms, throwing stuff out (not all of it garbage) and making nasty comments about the state of our home (mostly directed at me*). If I at all try to challenge him, or even ask him to call ahead and ARRANGE a suitable time to come over (not just call ahead and announce he's coming at such&such time) both Friend and Friend's dad respond by saying that I don't pay rent and therefore I'm a guest and have no right to say anything to anyone about anything. Ever. It's stressful enough trying to find a new job/apartment without this BS. Thoughts? Am I wrong? Is there anything I can do? I apologize if this post is slightly incoherent.

tl;dr: If you are renting a home from someone, does that give them the right to come and go as they please?

*Once he apparently dug through our garbage, because he complained that I was "disgusting" because I'd left a used tampon in the garbage.

(no subject)

What movie should I play for my Grade 3 class (8-9 year olds)?

My class is having a movie day on Monday. We were going to watch Holes but the Grade 6 teacher told me that she does a whole unit on Holes so she doesn't want them to watch it.
Fair enough, we can watch a different one... but now I have no ideas!

They are in Grade 3 and most have seen everything.
We are considering Despicable Me but most have seen it... and they would prefer one with real people.
Another option was Harry Potter... but again, most have seen it. I guess that doesn't matter too much but I figured I would come to you guys to ask if you had fresh suggestions?