June 16th, 2013

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I hope everyone is able to spend time with someone they love today!

I recently found something I thought I'd pass along.
I can't be the only one in here have KP (keratosis pilaris) and I have found something that works for me! I have been to the dermatologist, tried creams, etc. I have to exfoliate pretty much every day on my legs because otherwise it gets really bad.

renewing lotion for extremely dry, rough, bumpy skin

THIS has been a miracle worker for me. I have been using it maybe a week and a half (and not every day bc i want my self tanner to stay... ha) and my KP is almost gone. I like how it feels like a lotion, unlike the weird Rx creams I used to try. I am so happy! For the first time in my 28 years I have smooth thighs. I can't stop touching them (awkward).

I hope this helps someone. I can't explain how excited I am.

Anyone else want to recommend something? Anything - it doesn't have to be a beauty product.

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What is something considered conventionally attractive that you find unattractive? Alternately, what is something conventionally unattractive that you find attractive?

I don't like most muscle definition in men, but I'm pretty freaking attracted to goofy noses. Like, Adrian Brody, Owen Wilson, etc.

Switching phones

Has anyone switched to from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy? Do you like the Galaxy or do you miss the iPhone?

I will be eligible to get a new phone on my plan this week, I currently have the iPhone 4S and I would like to try the new Galaxy S4. A couple of my wife's coworkers made the switch and regretted giving up the iPhone, so I would like to hear other people's experiences before I take the plunge.
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I am looking for recipes that can be made easily during the week or on Sunday for the week which:

A) are healthy.

B) are satisfying,

C) Do not use too many dishes.

What resources do you use?

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Have you ever miscalculated the bill at a restaurant and not had enough to tip? Did you explain to your server?

Have you ever forgotten to leave a tip?

Have you ever returned to pay a tip you couldn't leave (for forgot to leave) at another time?

Servers, have you had people apologize or return to give you a missed tip?

And/or: If you could design a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve, what would it look like, and what would you name it? What would set it apart from other restaurants? ETA: You don't have to run the restaurant at all, you're getting a (generous) flat fee for making the above decisions and then you're out.

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Have you ever accidently flashed your boobies? How did that happen?

brought to you by the co-worker whose shirt unbuttoned as she toted a case of water...
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What temperature is your ideal shower?

Do you shower if there's a thunderstorm?

Are you as obsessed with a good shower as I am (very)? (Re-worded for the snarkypantses, haha.)

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I took my cat to the vet for an annual check up and they suggested blood work due to his age (almost 12). A few days later, the vet called and said that they see kidney damage and due to that some liver damage. I started crying like a baby, and I don't know exactly what she said after that, other than to come pick up a prescription.

I went to get the prescription and it's just for special food, no pills or anything.

Has anyone else had problems like this with their kitty? I went to the vet and asked the dr to call me again because I didn't exactly understand, due to being too emotional.
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♥: are you playing animal crossing: new leaf, and do you think it's fun? what are some other 3ds games you would recommend?

♠: what is a scent, sound, or taste that is comforting to you?

♣: do you think it's better to tell it like it is, or lie to spare someone's feelings?

♦: did you have a nice day today?

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what are some weird ways you cope with things?

I cope with my lack of money situation by reminding myself that the Sims is more fun when you work your way up from the bottom and earn your money the hard way instead of using the Rosebud cheat. I remember when I was a kid playing the Sims it was really boring when you had a butt ton of money and everything your Sims could ever want.