June 15th, 2013

Legally Blonde

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1.) Do you have any experiences biking as a method of transportation in large metropolitan areas? What are your tips for someone who wants to start?

2.) Have you or do you know someone who used the "casual encounters" feature of craigslist? How did that go?

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What's the nastiest e-mail you've ever gotten?

I'm a teacher (I feel like I say that way too much, but I use it to provide context...anyway..) and even though school ended on Wednesday I get an e-mail today from a parent who is unhappy about the report card. In the e-mail they call me immature, a bad educator, saying that I never gave their child a chance, and that I discriminated against him. This is about a third of the things they say about me.

Unfortunately it is not the first nasty e-mail I have received (from these parents, and ever). I am not obligated to respond because it's the end of the contract period, but I feel like I need to defend myself because everything was fair, justified, and many of their accusations were incorrect (no, I did not sit your child at the red table because he was bad. red is a color!!!!). On the other hand, I don't want to give them any more of my time.

I basically wish I could respond with 'LOL OKAY, FUCK OFF NOW. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!' but I obviously can't.


What's a product you think is brilliant, that you think people should be into/few people know about in your circle?

I'd like to exclude books, tv shows, movies, games and other 'media' from this and just stick to 'things' if that makes sense.

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What are the top five places in the world you would like to visit before you die (sorry that this sounds so grim haha)..

How about just the top three places in your own country that you would like to one day see?

What is your next trip planned?

What is your favorite place you've travelled to?

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Heh, sorry about the excess or travel questions today.. but it's been enough questions in between so TECHNICALLY im allowed to ask haha.

For people who have been to Nova Scotia, if I only have about 4 days in Nova Scotia and two of which will be driving, would you recommend Halifax or Cape Breton Island more? CBI is about 6 more hours of a drive though, so less exploring time.

Or any other good places in NS anyone could recommend?


Do you believe in Mermaids? Do you know anyone who does?

I just finished watching the Discovery Channel movie, Mermaids: The Body Found, and it was very entertaining. It's kind of odd though that an educational channel would air it. Still fun to watch, nonetheless.