June 12th, 2013


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Have you ever been in a car accident? How many?
Were you or anyone else injured?
Do you remember how it felt/what went through your mind?
What happened to your car?
Did it make you apprehensive about driving afterward?

Sorry if this is triggering for anyone, I hope it's not. I have a morbid fear of car accidents and I just got in one two days ago. Nobody was injured and it was low-speed/low-impact, but my car is a goner now as it's not worth it to repair all of the things that are wrong. I was actually surprised by how calm I felt while it was happening--I always thought I'd freak out and lose my mind but in reality it was more that I made the decision to go, I saw the other car in front of me, I saw it get really close, and then we hit and I just thought, "oh, we're actually colliding, this is happening" and I heard the sound of metal smashing and I was just in shock. I'm almost sure it would have been different if the accident had been worse or at a high speed. I'm mostly just grateful neither of us were hurt. Weirdly enough I'm more freaked out about it now as I think about what could have happened than I was at the scene when it was actually happening.

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Can anyone help me figure out how to keep a bottle of liquid cold on an airplane for about 18 hours? I was going to use one of those vacuum-sealed double-layer insulation bottles, but the airline said that it has to be in a clear plastic bottle. So that's out. I can bring an insulated bag, but my experience with those is that they don't work very well. I'm unclear if I can bring ice or a frozen cold pack inside the bag since they're essentially liquid - I'll call and ask but maybe someone has had experience with something like that? Any suggestions for an awesome cooler bag that works really really well? (I'll be carrying it on, not checking it because I can't take the risk that it might get lost.)

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Kindle app store problems

Amazon has been extremely unhelpful in helping me figure out the solution to this problem, so I'm wondering if anyone else knows something I don't.
I have a "kindle 1" as opposed to the newer models.
I was trying to download some free apps, and it won't let me do it. I tried using a giftcard, but apparently you have to put in a credit card before it lets you do that.
I don't want to actually use my debit or credit, so I put in a card for a bank account I haven't activated, and I also tried a card I canceled, one that has 2014 as the expiration. I thought that would work because it's a free app, they're not supposed to charge me anything. Is it really that sensitive? It actually lets me save it, so it seems like it wouldn't matter.
None of these things work. I put in my correct billing address (I know some people have problems because they are not in the US, but mine is), but whenever I click download the "free" app, it keeps giving me an error message that sends me back to credit card and billing address info.
Again, Amazon won't help. They want me to call them on the phone, and then the'll find out that I don't want to use my debit card and they'll think the matter solved when they tell me to use a working debit card.

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A close friend/family member has started selling Mary Kay cosmetics. They aren't really hounding you to buy, but at the same time they bring it up every time you see them and keep inviting you to events. How would you politely let them know that you don't intend on buying?  Assume in this situation "I don't have the money" is not an option.

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So my husband found an abandoned kitten by a creek yesterday. He waited and waited to see if the momma cat was there, and to no avail- no other kittens either. We took him to the vet and he's about 14 days old. He's very cute. The vet told us to feed him every 3 hours, however, last night, he slept through one of his feeding times. When I woke him up for his 4am feeding time, he got super mad at me- wouldn't stop crying and just wanted to go back to bed, but I was nervous that he would get sick if we didn't feed him. So I fed him. Then, it took 4 hours to get him back to bed. Needless to say I'm very tired today.
We've called all the shelters in this area, and no one will take him until he is 6 weeks old. So we basically have to keep him until then.

So, should we only feed him when he wakes up? Or do you think we should wake him up every 3 hours?

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Have you had oral surgery and/or wisdom teeth removed?
How did you recover? Did you do anything special/eat anything specific?
Is there anything you would recommend for someone going through it?

On the 27th I have to have an upper molar removed, along with the wisdom tooth next to it to prevent any growing in problems. I only have two wisdom teeth (two have just never existed at all according to x-ray) and the other one is sideways and won't be an issue, so this is my first time and I don't know what to expect. I'm 26 and have heard recovery isn't as easy when you're older, is this true?

EDIT: Thank you all, this was helpful!
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Pretend you work in retail, part-time. If you noticed another part-time associate getting, on average, 10-12 hours more per week than the rest of the associates, would you bring it up with your scheduling manager?

I'm starting to get a little annoyed: one person is constantly scheduled 17-20 hours per week, when everyone else is scheduled 0-8 hours per week. This associate's availability isn't really any different than anyone else's, nor is he higher ranking or anything like that.
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How do you eat healthy food without breaking the bank?

I try to shop at the farmer's market, where the prices are the lowest, but it's difficult due to my work schedule.

Edit: for clarification, I'm not asking for tips. I'm asking how YOU make it work.