June 11th, 2013

hmph bear

I call shenanigans

Why are there no princes walking around Disney (insert park name here)?

ETA: Obligatory DC/you're crazy, there are! question: Have you ever pretended to be a prince or princess? What was your royal persona like?

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Inspired by the engagement question, have you ever had to make an announcement to friends/family that you were afraid would displease them? Ex. coming out, marrying an "undesirable person", preggers at 15, that sort of thing. How did you do it, and what were the results?
she blinded me with science!

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I have about the best job I can imagine, short of having a rich family member put me on the payroll in some do-nothing position at their company. And yet, I'm finding it harder than ever to muster up the enthusiasm and professionalism I used to take pride in. I hate, hate, hate the fact that I have to work at all. Why does anyone have to work? It's 2013. Where the hell are my robot servants?!

How did you cope with rising out of extreme poverty to join the comfortable and lazy ranks of the middle class? If you somehow managed not to self-destruct, how did you avoid it?

Edit: Thanks for the constructive and/or supportive comments. I guess I need to man up and tell my boss I'm not happy.
Ginger Snaps

So you might be a werewolf if...

For the third straight full moon now, you've woken up outside, naked, with blood over your mouth. What would you suspect was the issue?

Roofies. Someone keeps giving me roofies and taking me to steak tartar restaurants
I'm probably a werewolf
Gotta cut back on the drinking. Too many blackouts
Attempted rape, though I think I may have castrated the rapist
Alien abduction
I can't say for sure, but 3 times in the last couple months is a new low. I think I'm getting better
I think I'm involved in some kind of kinky nocturnal exhibitionist orgy. Also, I may sleepwalk/sleepfuck

What would it take to convince you you were a werewolf?

Pretty much the second time I woke up naked, covered in blood
Someone named Van Helsing or Van Halen keeps leaving messages on my phone
Sudden allergy to silver
Angry mob with torches and pitchforks (where do you ever find those things in the city?)
Sheep slaughter is on the rise and I keep waking up with wool in my teeth
I'm on Team Jacob. Duh
My dog keeps barking at me and trying to hump me more than usual
After I make dinner, I have this sudden urge to howl at the moon
I have to wax my body twice as often now

Let's say you finally admit that you're a lycanthrope. Obviously this will change your life a lot, and demand that you alter your lifestyle a little. What changes do you foresee happening?

This pretty much blows my vegan diet out the window
Living with Lycanthropy support groups
Having to be tied down to my bed every month, and yet not getting laid
Having to wear spandex, stretchy undergarments under my clothes so I don't wake up naked any longer
Having to really get in good shape if I'm going to waking up undressed in public every month
This weird, unnatural hatred towards goths and all things vampire related (if I already don't)
Having to restrain myself from sniffing people's butts when I first meet them
Constant shaving of body. There will be a lot of stubble
evil toys

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Do you exercise regularly? What's your favorite thing to do to stay in shape?

I'm a bartender so 45 hours of my week are spent on my feet. This is good for maintaining the status quo with my weight, but not good for helping me get stronger, or make my cardio health better (I get winded walking up stairs, for example). It is also not good for making me have any energy or desire to go to the gym (I have a membership to a fancypants place), and makes jogging/running seem especially hellish.

Do you have any ideas for exercise stuff (gym or otherwise) that would be good for someone whose feet go "noooooo!!!" when you contemplate doing something active?
Spirited Away, Chihiro rain

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Say you've been wanting to travel for a while. You search flights, out of curiosity, and see an amazing ticket price for the place you want to go. You have the money to buy them, but nothing else has been planned (accommodation, time off work, house or pet care, etc.).

Do you purchase the tickets?
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Hi folks. So My bf and I are planning on moving to Atlanta, GA or the surrounding area. For those of you who live there or are familiar with the area, we are trying to look for a place to stay, preferably under 800/mo. Does anyone have any suggestions and areas to absolutely stay away from? We are looking and asking everyone we know there about places, but it's nice to hear from a few more people as well. Anything and more suggestions would help eliminate or find some places for us.

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Do you believe that human beings have a spirit/soul (however you choose to define it)?

Do you believe any other species of animal has a soul/spirit?

How about trees, plants, the earth?

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What was the last good deed you did?

Today I paid for the guys order behind me. He said 'you don't need to do that!' And seemed annoyed. I told him I was trying to do a good deed and continued. I don't remember if he said thanks but I was just so surprised by how annoyed he sounded.

Everyone tells stories of people having paid the person behind and it always sounds so happy!

What was the last nice thing someone did for you?