June 10th, 2013

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I'm wearing this dress and these shoes to a wedding in October. My hair/makeup will be vintage-inspired.

Question the first: Do you think these accessories would go? If not, can you suggest any?

Question the second: What kind of outerwear would you suggest for this? I'll need a coat or something to wear over it. Either an actual link or just a general guideline is good!

Question the third: Any suggestions for a bag? I've seen it styled on Polyvore with this bag, which I LOVE and is a great price and would totally use again, but it feels too casual for a wedding. Thoughts or other suggestions?


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I need your smarts, guys. I am breaking up with my boyfriend of 3 years, mostly because he's 24 and has none of his shit together and we don't match up on a relationship level.

Any advice?
Any way to make this less painful for him? I care for him, but I don't think I am in love with him anymore. His birthday was a couple days ago, so I'm trying to space it away from there, but this needs to get done.

Inspired after watching Doctor Who on Netflix last night...

Despite having lived in a number of places, I'm really only familiar with how television works in the US. Over the last year, I've gotten into some programming from the BBC (Sherlock, Doctor Who) and I realized I have no idea how television operates over there - as in, in the US it's very common to start a show in the fall, run it for 22 episodes, with a mid-season hiatus in Dec-Jan. There are some shows that only run 13 episodes and they will generally run during either the fall or the spring and then there's those shows that try to make use of the summer hiatus. Is that similar to how it works in the UK too?

I also wondered about television channels. All I ever hear about is BBC, but I'm assuming there's a bajillion other channels like we have here in the States. Is BBC just the biggest brand?

Okay, I'm done with my dumb American question. :P Forgive my ignorance.

If you're not in the US/UK, how does television (line-up, shows, networks) work where you're at?
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Does anyone use Epsom salt? Do you use it to treat anything or just for general well-being? I'm reading up on it and some of the things seem too good to be true.

I have a bad spider bite that the nurse at work told me I should soak in Epsom salt until I can go to the doctor. Could be a brown recluse bite =(

anniversary ideas

how do you celebrate anniversaries with your SO? what was your favorite anniversary? what would be your ideal way to enjoy the evening?

dk/dc/im a free bitch baby: whats the coolest gift youve ever received? whats the coolest gift youve ever given?

Billboard: Abe Lincoln escaping wedding

What the hell did I see? It's a billboard I've driven past several times. It looks like a woman in a wedding gown is being abandoned at high speed by a man with Abraham Lincoln's head as it appears on the $5 bill.

There was some sort of URL associated with it, but I can't remember what it was.

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Due to a communication error with Walmart.com's customer service, they have refunded a replacement plan I purchased back to my debit card.  The site says that within two billing cycles the money ($28) should be back on my card.  Have you ever been in this situation?  Did it take a full two billing cycles (approx two months for me) to get the money back on your card?  I didn't actually want them to process a refund through the internet, I specifically noted that I was wondering if I could exchange the plan in store for a cheaper plan.  
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Did anyone pick up/plan on picking up Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS? If you did, or plan to, do you want to exchange friend codes so we can play together? My code is 2449-4806-8566

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So, I was checking out NatGeo Wild and noticed that a majority of the shows were about animals attacking and/or killing people. Needless to say, I was disappointed by the fact that it seems the channel's sole purpose is to show animals in a bad light. :(

What was the last thing that disappointed you to no end?
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How much time do you spend in and around nature (ie. a field or a wood or just sitting on the grass in a garden or park or whatever)?

Particularly for people with depression problems, do you find that being around nature makes you feel any better?

Do you ever forage, eat wild foods, pick berries etc? Or make herbal remedies from things you've gathered?

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What are some of your favorite scary movies?
My boyfriend and I are watching a scary movie a night and we need more to add to our list!

What'd you do today?
I'm studying for the bar exam and had relatively little to do today. I went to the craft store and to the mall.
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I'm back with another pool question~

I set up everything for the opening - pump, filter, chlorinator, etc. It's all set up perfectly - I took pictures and went into the pool store who told me that it was all good to go and what to do next. So I started to fill the pool and left for a few hours. When I came back water was shooting out a valve in the pump and so I called the store and was able to find the plug that needed to go in there. At this point, my phone died and the pool store was closing in like two minutes so I wasn't able to call them back. Currently, the pump is overflowing where the basket insert goes in. I've tried tightening it but water is still seeping out pretty rapidly - any ideas as to why? The pump isn't on, but the filter is set to filter. I don't want to turn the pump on though because the water is just above the skimmer line and I don't want air getting into everything and causing problems.

Pump looks like this pump and the water is leaking out of the left hand tower where that lid screws on/off.