June 8th, 2013


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My toddler (will be 2 years in August) loves to color. But he does it with such force that he frequently breaks crayons in half or breaks off the tip of his color pencils.

If I try to Google for advice on teaching him to color more gently, I just get a bunch of articles on teaching toddlers their colors. Not what I need.

Telling him to be gentle doesn't work in this situation, even if it works with things like petting animals. I've also tried guiding his hand to show less pressure is needed, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Any suggestions? I know a few of you are parents.
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tqc my boyfriend's dad offered to buy him a new car because his current one is basically the literal definition of a lemon. He went without me, but sending me pictures of what he's thinking of getting, asking my opinion.
He just told me he's debating a new convertible.
I'm TERRIFIED of convertibles. I'd never ride in it, and the idea of him riding it it scares me half to death.

Am I being selfish telling him this? I'm not asking him not to get the car, and has made it really clear "This is your car, your choice, get what you want' He got really upset about it, and I can't tell if I'm in the wrong :\


This is for anyone familiar with MS--

About a year ago, my left arm started to ache at the shoulder region. Around the same time, I started dealing with intense anxiety attacks and, subsequently, heart palpitations. The arm pain would come and go, sometimes lasting a few days and then subsiding. A few months ago, I started to get a weird, sensation in my forearm that can best be described as numbness and tightening. It's not painful, but it's very distracting. After Googling these symptoms, I kept stumbling upon MS. After reading what the other symptoms were like, I started to get other strange sensations throughout my body.

For example, for the past 2 weeks, I'll have intermittent numbness and tightening in my calves. For a few days, the fingers on my left hand were tingling and buzzing. On some days, the thigh area above my knee gets a cold, burning sensation. The thing is: it seems to change every single day. It's like I go to sleep and the symptom I had the day before goes to a different location in my body. It's terrible.

Does this sound like MS to you? As I mentioned before, I have severe anxiety, so I'm wondering if reading about other MS symptoms caused them to become manifested via my fear/anxiety. I try to calm myself and remind myself that I'm most likely fine, but then my calf will go numb, and I just lose hope.

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I'm trying to find a book that I used to read as a child, in the 3rd or 5th grade. All I remember about it is that it was about an old woman and a cat (or cats?). The old woman lived by an ocean (harbor?). I don't know the storyline. It had wonderfully dark illustrations, which have stuck in my mind ever since. I've tried Googling it, but it none of the results match what I'm looking for. I know it's not much, but I was hoping someone on tqc might remember reading the same thing.