June 7th, 2013

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Ever been scammed?

Best scams you've seen/heard about?

Any tips for detecting a scam?

Inspired by the well dressed young man who asked me for four euro (just over $5) for bus fare to a nearby town because his friends had deserted him the night before, and he had no money, and somehow his mother would be there to pay the bus driver but the bus drivers wouldn't let him on the bus without paying, throwing in that he's a carpenter in that town, and lots more irrelevant details that I can't even remember because he spoke so fast.
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what's a movie that you felt was hard to understand, but everyone else seemed to just... get?

for me it's inception and most blockbuster movies lol. all the action, scenery, actors, dialogue, etc. are so distracting and i end up just thinking about the filming process and forget to pay attention to the actual story.
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one of those annoying posts about nutrition and dieting

Hi everyone --
So I have decided that I need to live a healthier lifestyle, because while I am not at an unhealthy weight yet, I am slowly but consistently gaining weight (where before it was more fluctuation). I don't want to diet, but I do want to have a healthy diet, and I barely know what that entails. I am a very open minded eater, which means I like pretty much most things out of every food group, so it's not like I don't already eat things that are healthy. But menu planning, building well balanced meals, etc -- it just seems like there is SO MUCH information out there and none of it is well organized. Questions:

1) Is there one, reliable resource you have used? Especially for those of you who do meal planning in advance.
2) I am thinking about seeing a nutritionist, does this make any sense? Will individualized information help me or will it all be obvious stuff I could have googled? Does anyone have experience with nutritionists for general assistance (as opposed to disorders, allergies, etc)?

For sciences sake

When you dry off after a shower do you take notice to the part of the towel you use to dry your bottom and "bits and pieces" and make sure not to use that section to dry your face, or do you not care?

If you do keep track how do you keep track if you use the same towel the next day?

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Can I ask for some recommendations?

see I live with my parents. My Mom doesn't like R rated stuff. She gets all eeww blood, gah the bad language, gah sex.

However my Dad and I LOVE stuff like Dexter, Game of Thrones (only one episode of season 3 left) I got him to watch Berserk movie 1. Stuff about serial Killer cases ect. we had recently seen Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter LOVED IT.

So since my Mom is out of town. We want to watch a TON of R rated stuff. HOWEVER we ran out of stuff to watch. WE CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. so got any recommendations of stuff on netflix?

I got to say were not into 'horror'. By Horror I mean stuff like "I know what you did last summer" or "paranoid activity" those kinds of things. I like zombie flicks but my Dad not so much.

We both like action, fantasy, sci fi, serial killers, thrillers. We had recently watch Alien and Aliens. That was awesome.

he likes the Resident Evil movies...I think gah the games are better. but I will watch them with him. I don't think the newer ones are on netflixs?

*edited* The Last of Us for ps3 comes out June 14? I think. So hopefully we will get that.
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You'll receive a check for $10,000, but in accepting the check, a larger check for $50,000 goes to a certain charity/organization. You have some say over which group gets the check, but it's limited to only these groups. Which organization would you allow to get the 50k check?

Operation Rescue (out to ban abortion)
Westboro Baptist Church
Creationism.com (out to ban evolution from the schoolbooks)
Exotic Hunting, Inc. (out to lower the required number of an endangered species to only 10,000, so they'd be allowed to be hunted)
Booksofdecency.com (out to ban any book from schools that don't actively support christian morality)
Defense of Marriage Act support group
Lipo for Hobos, Inc. (liposuction for the homeless)
I just refuse to take the check

You can have the check divided amongst any number of groups

help me i don't get fashion?!

what kind of shoes could one wear with these dress pants in grey or black? bonus points if you link me to a pair on zappos that

  • are <$120-ish

  • would match ok with grey and black

  • are closed-toe since I have to wander into the lab at the hospital I work at....

  • don't have ridiculous heels

  • are relatively comfortable

dk/dc/hate shoes: what's up? I'm bored.

Help me cook things.

So on Sunday my grandmother is having a little brunch get together at her house. She gave me mini muffin tins, uncooked maple breakfast sausage, and a tube of Pillsbury biscuit dough. She also gave me a recipe for mini biscuit pizzas and told me to "adapt it" with the maple sausage. What should I make with these ingredients? Obviously I can add things. I'm leaning more toward something sweetish, since it's maple sausage.

Only requirements are that it cannot be too messy (she already vetoed biscuits and gravy), and should be able to travel ~20 minutes from my parent's house to my grandmother's house. I can heat things up there if I have to.
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Background: I'm very good friends with the couple, they're laid-back and nerdy, the wedding color is purple. I am also trying to hide a tattoo on my arm so I liked the long sleeves.

What do you typically wear to weddings? Pics preferred

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My wife was named the godmother to her sister's second daughter. My wife is Catholic and while she's not neccessarily the "go to church every Sunday" type, she takes her religious beliefs seriously and wants to take her godmother role seriously as well. Her sister and brother in law, on the other hand, have already made it pretty clear that this baptism is mostly just to placate certain members of the family who want to see a baptism, and they have virtually zero intention of actually raising the baby Catholic.

So, the question is, what on earth can my wife buy for her 6-month old niece, that has some kind of Catholic/Christian significance but won't be completely ignored or unrespected by the neice/her parents? For example, a very nice bible or a cross necklace would be obvious choices but she does not want to spend money on something that the kid won't use, or won't take seriously. Anybody been in a similar situation or have suggestions?