June 6th, 2013

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Your most recent ex messages you and says something along the lines of the following:

"Hey, I'm so sorry for messaging you. But I just wanted to say that I was at this bar, and I heard *insert name of song that made me think of you*. I hope you're doing well."

What intentions (if any) do you presume s/he might have? Serious and non-serious.

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I started a class yesterday with my partner and his friend. People who were already in the class approached us at different times to introduce themselves to us. I was standing in-between my partner and the friend. Without fail, every time someone introduced themselves they would start with my partner, turn to the friend, then finally come to me. I thought it was strange. My partner is male, I am female and the friend is male.
Is this greeting odd or fairly normal?
Spelling Contest

For $1,000,000, would you....?

For $1,000,000, would you...forgo using toilet paper, paper towels, wipes or even those toilet seat covers unless it's used to cover a toilet seat (no wiping with it) for 2 calendar years? You can probably just install a bidet or just hop in the shower after you use the bathroom, but what will you do when you're outside your home? 730 days of holding it in?


For $1,000,000, would you...help 25 hardened convicts escape from prison? You don't know their crimes, you don't know if they'll repeat their offenses. You'll be given a key that will unlock the front gate during recess and they'll escape quietly. It's your conscience that will be under pressure whenever you hear about someone getting murdered in your city because you'll always wonder if it's your fault


For $1,000,000, would you...personally euthanize 30 puppies? You'll show up at a dog pound and these puppies are unadopted and they can't be cared for anymore. You aren't allowed to find homes for them. You'll have to inject each happy, innocent puppy with death. Is some bad karma worth a cool million?


For $1,000,000, would you...eat a human leg (from the knee down)? The source is unknown, but you're reassured it's disease-free. However, you'll have to prepare it yourself. It's a male leg, so you'll have to remove the hair and toenails, then figure out how to cook it, etc. It will most likely require a few meals to finish it, and psychologically, it may be traumatic, but hey, you'll be on easy street


For $1,000,000, would you...work in a glory hole at a sex club for one night? It's revolting, degrading, but you only have to give oral to strangers behind a wall for several hours, and it's for seven figures

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It's a wonderful tropical storm kind of day today. I'm happy to be off work and not out there trying to commute in the storm. But now I have lots of free time while I am stuck in the house for the day.

So tell me TQC, What should I do to entertain myself during this very rainy day? Srs/non srs.

DK/DC? Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you like it?
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When you get fast food at a drive-thru, do you eat your food in the car or wait until you get home?

I went on a Taco Bell run with some friends late last night and I was appalled when they wanted to pull into the parking lot and sit and eat. I was like, your house is 10 minutes from here. You are not starving to death. This car smells like cigarettes. Can we not. So they ate while I drove back to the house.
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Are you good at standing up for yourself? Will you tell me about the last time you did? Or didn't but should have?

I just had to shout at my sister's nurse because my sister was too shy to stick up for herself/the nurse wasn't listening when she tried. Pretty sure that nurse hates me now but that's cool as long as she gives my sister the proper care from now on.

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a. the last time you were bummed out about something trivial, what was it?

b. any graphic novel recommendations? i'm thinking more bechdel than batman (any language).

a. two different game of thrones spoilers in 24 hours. i'm actually really disappointed :(

b. there are tons, but marjane satrapi was my first love so i'll go with her
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I'm thinking about getting a new MP3 player. I currently am using an iPod I've had for eight years and while it still functions, albeit with glitches, I am 100% sick of iTunes screwing with my music collection -- randomly deleting things from my library, misplacing stuff, resetting my preferences every time I sync my device, etc.

So I turn to you, TQC, for advice!

What's a good non-iPod MP3 player that will hold over 80gb and has straightforward, no-fuss software that won't eat half my music collection on a whim?

DK/DC: do you have any names picked out for future children/pets? I like Hazel for a girl and Marcus for a boy. (Children or pets, whatever comes first, haha.)

Do I buy an ouija board?

I'm on eBay ATM and am looking at ouija boards. I'm really interested in the paranormal and I believe my flat is haunted (there has been no activity for the past couple of months. It stopped when I told the spirit to piss off, but it appears to have come back). I would like to, if possible, make contact with the spirit. I want to know who he/she is, what they want, whether or not they are happy that me and my boyfriend are here or whether they want us to leave. But I also want 100% solid proof that spirits actually exist, and I think an ouija board could do that.

Are they dangerous? My mum says that they are, since she had a bad experience with one when she was younger, but won't divulge in the details.

Does anyone have any personal stories about ouija boards and seances? Did anything happen?
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Birthday coming up

Okay, my 56th birthday is coming up on June 18, and I've decided that's entirely too close to 60 for my comfort. So I'm going to stop incrementing my birthdays. My question to you is this:

Should I stop at 55, or go ahead and be 56 for the rest of my life?

Stop at 55


Be 56 and stop there


Oh grow up and celebrate your age... your hoary, unbelievably OLD age


I like cake.

Screw cake, where's the booze?

DK/DC: what did you get for your birthday last time? Did you have cake and ice cream? What kind?