June 5th, 2013


Cereal ID

Hey TQC,

I'm wondering if any of you can help me out with identifying a cereal. I recently went to China, and had a lot of breakfast buffets included in my trip. At every breakfast buffet they would have this really good cereal. The only time I saw it with a label, I think the label said "honey nut". I've googled it and it sounded kind of similar to honey nut cheerios, but they seem a bit smaller than the mystery chinese cereal.

So, anybody know a ring/loop cereal that's bigger than cheerios, with a sweet, possibly honey nut flavour?

What have been your favourite foods you've tried overseas? My other favourite breakfast buffet item was chinese date flavoured yoghurt. I really hope I can find that at an asian supermarket.
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video games

What are some fun multiplayer games for the Xbox 360 and Wii?

My nephews (ages 11 and 14) will be spending lots of time with me this summer and we love playing video games, but we're a bit bored with what I already have. Any type of game is cool, as long as it's not too mature and can be played by 2-3 players.

While I'm asking, I'll take any suggestions for good multiplayer PS2 games too. I still love that old console.

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My husband bought me a lovely potted plant and now all the flowers are dead. They feel like dead leaves in the autumn but the actual leaves are green and healthy, so I keep watering it.

Should I clip the flowers? The stems attached to these small flowers are mostly brown but, as I said-the leaves are fine. Without the flowers the plant in just bushy green.

Also, I had it in half sunlight and kept watering it as one should. I'm keeping the plant in the same situation even though the flowers are dead.
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(no subject)

You're on a first date. Which subjects do you consider to be off-limits or a possible 'third rail' if brought up on the first date? Anything you don't check means you're ok talking about it when you're getting to know each other

Sex (in a casual, joky way). Some feel that if you bring up a subject and hint around it, it's something that's on your mind
Sex, personal. Your likes, dislikes, experiences
Your exes
Bodily functions. Such as the downside of their master cleanse, or how you don't want to be in the car with them after they eat dairy
Marriage. You feel that if it's brought up at all in a non-joky context, it's a red flag
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So, I moved....

I moved out of an apartment complex in to a house. I had neighbors with a daughter the same age as my son at the apartment complex. We all became close and would occasionally watch each others kids, but they would often take advantage. Since moving, the wife asked me if I would watch her daughter two Saturday's this month because her husband is going out of town and she has to work. I said ok, no big deal.

Today she texts me around lunch and says, my godson is in town, would you watch him too? If not I understand.

I haven't replied. I need some help on how to respond. I feel like she and her husband are taking advantage of me in respect to watching their daughter, now someone else's kid. It also makes me wonder, is your husband and another adult who came down to visit you guys fucking off while you work and I watch two extra kids? Did I mention I'm a single dad? I'm annoyed.

What would you do TLC?? And how would you respond?

And more so, how would you politely tell her no in the future? How would you respond? I'm very bad at confrontations.
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(no subject)

I've been given the (unfortunate) task of planning a team event for my department.  There are 16 of us and it's meant to be a celebratory event as we are about to "go live" with our product in our first state.  I was told there is a budget in mind but they won't tell me what it is (for reasons I'm not sure of, honestly) but that I should gather ideas and present them to our team.

I'm horrible at this stuff because TBH I don't even like attending these types of things (forced social situations make me uncomfortable), let alone plan them.  However, I'm newest to the team and they are hoping that my lack of relationship with some team members will allow me to plan a 'fun' event.

So, TQC, what activities would be fun for you to do with your co-workers?
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For those of you who have purchased tea from Teavana before, what are your favorite flavors? I recently bought my husband some earl grey and he is in love. We're looking to try new flavors but we're not sure what to try. The closest store is over an hour away, so driving there just to try some tea isn't something we really want to do.

DK/DC - What is your favorite non-alcoholic comfort drink?
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(no subject)

So I'm moving and I have a slight problem. All my stuff can't fit into the car. So it was suggested to me that I ship some things home. Since they're already packed up in plastic storage containers I want to keep I need to figure out how to ship them.

I have 4 containers, 2 three draw chest like ones (24x22x15) and 2 standard plastic tubs (13 x 16). How would I best ship them? And who should I use? I was planning on going USPS.

DC: Have you ever moved? What was the easiest part of the move and what was the hardest?
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Early Morning Gym Visits

My husband and I have a 14 day free trial at a local 24/7 type of gym. We had the initial orientation today and we are both super stoked. Since I work 9-5, I would rather do my workouts in the morning. I am up super early anyway and, currently, I use that time to watch tv shows from the previous evening. However, how do you guys do it? I mean, I would obviously need to shower afterward (they have private baths - yay!).

So, those of you who work out at a gym before work, do you shower afterward? What about your hair? I don't have wash, brush, airdry in 10 minute hair. While I don't mind just putting some mousse in it to calm the crazy and going to work like that, I would rather it not be soaking wet by the time I get to work.

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are currently living apart. He graduated from our university this semester, but I've still got another academic year to complete, so we're forced to do long distance in the meantime. I love him very much and I want to make this work, but I've never done long distance before.

If you've ever been in a long distance relationship, what advice do you have? Did the relationship last, and if so, how did you make it work?