June 4th, 2013

Paradigm Shift

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There's a shortage of priests in the US. Few young men are entering the monestary. The Catholic church has resorted to importing priests from other continents, like South America and Africa. There may still not be enough. Recently, a congregation that didn't have a priest came up with an idea. They inflated a doll, dressed it in priestly attire, and had it stand by the altar, and recorded the sermon of another priest. It seemed to have some success in that town. Attendance shot up. Just the notion there was a spiritual authority figure seemed to console people. Then the committee went a little further. If an inflatable priest was able to reach people, why not aim higher? An inflatable Jesus was purchased and that, too, seemed to be a hit in this leaderless, spiritually floundering town. This is when the local bishop felt they went too far. Bishop O'Tanahan declared this sacrilege and worship of false idols. The townspeople decided to sever ties with the church, and form their own Catholic sect, one that endorsed inflatables. The Vatican has been strongly critical of this sect. So I had to ask TQC.

1. Would you engage in sects with blow-up dolls?

2. How many blow-up dolls would you be able to tolerate in one session before you lost interest?
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Italy? Spain? Greece? France?

Hey TQC,

What should a 28 year old Canadian woman do with five free days in Europe by herself?

In a week and a half, I'm flying to Europe with two friends. We're doing a week in London, a week in Ireland, four days in Poland, and then we're splitting up near the end of the trip and I have five free days to use before I have to get back to London and fly back home to Vancouver.

Where should I go?! What should I do?! This will be the only part of the 3-week euro trip where I'll be by myself and I'm overwhelmed with choices! Should I book a tour? Or just explore on my own?

I'm not a big history/war buff, so I'm not looking for destinations with great museums, war memorials, etc.; my main motivation for travel is seeing beautiful things and meeting interesting people.


What movie or book would you say has the most diversity in terms of race? Sexual identity? Gender identity? Character aspects/development?

Would you say that the diversity is handled well? The people are represented well?

Question from my husband about our car

(This may be kind of a long shot but hoping someone may know something. :) )

I have a 2003 Ford Focus. My radio has the ability to display the name of a song or artist. If you push down and hold a preset when it says "Song Title", that radio station will display as "Song title" on the LCD. I saw "Yeah!" and wanted to rename that station for fun... So I held down the button and it went "Beeep" (like normal) and instead of replacing the old title, the radio turned off, and every light went out on the radio. Now no buttons work at all (even after restarting the car).

Now it turns off for 2-3 seconds and turns back on for 1 second over and over and over and over... I can hear the radio for 1 second at a time and it drives me nuts. The problem is.. When I shut off the car and take the key out, it continues do to this (which will drain my battery overnight). I disconnected the battery terminal until I can figure out what I can do to stop this from happening. Anyone have any idea what's wrong with my car?

Any advice appreciated. Thank you :)
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What was the first swear word you remember knowing?  How old were you when you first used it?  Did you ever get in trouble for having a potty mouth? How do you feel about foul language in front of young children?
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I've never used a money order before, and the place I'm moving into requires the first payment (rent + deposit, etc) in the form of a money order. Where is the best place to get money orders for large amounts? How do they work, exactly? Anything I should know, having never done this before? Also, I've googled a bit about it, and I always see them talk about "when you mail the money order." Do I have to mail the money order, or can I just buy it and drop it by the apartment complex?

To be or not to be... employed

What are some tips that you have for doing well on a job interview? What has worked for you and/or if you've hired people what did you like that they did in the interview?

Is there anyone who isn't super nervous on an interview?

If you're nervous do you do something to calm your nerves or do you go in nervous?

Is not wearing makeup appropriate for a woman?

Do you think a woman is more likely to get the job if she wears makeup?

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I'm curious regarding gun selling laws in the USA:

If you are a gunseller, and someone is buying a gun from you, and they say "I'm going to use this gun to kill my neighbor" or "I'm going to use this gun to kill myself", what kind of legal obligation does the gunseller have? Do they legally still have to sell the gun to the person? Do the legally have to NOT sell the gun to the person?

DK/DC: Have you ever been to a drive-in movie? If yes, what was the last movie you saw at the drive-in?

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How much of your parents (or whoever raised you) do you see in yourself, in any aspect of your life?
How much of your parents (or whoever raised you) do you see in your significant others, in any aspect of your life?

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What is a career or job you've always wanted?
What would it take to get there?

What is your current job?

Today I went to a testing competition to become a Correctional Officer but I didn't get past the second last testing wave. I'm going to retest again when there's an opportunity. *sigh*
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Will you take this opportunity to brag about something or tell me something awesome that's happened to you lately?

Mine: I got a phone call from a client first thing this morning and assisted them with an uncomplicated issue throughout the day, as is my usual job. They sent me a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers as thanks with a very sweet note, which has literally never happened to anyone else in my job. My boss was so impressed that she took a picture, which she emailed to my entire department and it must have gotten forwarded up the ladder because I just got a "thanks for the hard work" email from the GLOBAL head of client service. Crazy.
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do you know anyone who absolutely loves talking about themselves, to the extent that they never ask you questions, but only wait to be asked questions or an opportunity to tell their story?

my bf's housemate has a girlfriend who's now living with them, and i tried to make conversation with her but she went about an hour talking about herself that i honestly couldnt get a word in unless it was to ask her a question. she's lived here for a couple of weeks now and i realised it's always me asking her stuff and her never showing interest. she doesnt even know my name but i know about her workmates and her high school life lol. she'll say hi but nothing like "how are you? where are you going? do you have work? what do you do?" etc.

would you consider someone like this 'social'? 

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Do you work for a good employer?
When was the first time you remember being in hospital?
How many times have you been to hospital?
Have you ever been to a&e/emergency room?

Do you have any penpals?
What's your favourite smiley?