June 3rd, 2013

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TQC, what is wrong with my cat?

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TLDR; My cat has always been a little weird and I know it takes a while for cats to adjust to new houses but i just dont get it because she loved it so much at first! Is there anything i could do to make her feel more at ease? Could there be something wrong with her? I'm at a loss :/
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would you take offense if someone said about your SO, "he/she doesnt even make that much, does he/she?"
edited for context: i was telling my housemate how my bf was thinking of getting a job in advertising (as opposed to sales, where he is now), and my housemate said that my bf should bc he wasnt making much at his current job anyway. a couple of days before that, my bf was telling my housemate how much his boss made and he was in awe of how much it was and my housemate and her gf looked at each other like "..thats not even a lot"

what condiment goes well with onion rings? do you ever make your own condiments? recipeplz?

anyone here used to smoke weed a lot and then stopped and felt no need to go back? why did you stop and why do you feel better without it?
my bf and i stopped 2 months ago and for the first time, we're not thinking or craving it at all it's awesome :) i felt like we were always in such a haze when we were on it


Which superpower would you rather have?

Superspeed. Once per day. For one activity a day (like washing dishes), you can complete it 10x faster
This isn't really a superpower, but you require one less hour a sleep a night. Permanently. You can either get a bit more done, or feel less tired all the time

Which superpower would you rather have?

Influence. You can place a thought in somone's head, and they're compelled to obey it
Superhealing. Your body can repair it from any wound, disease, poison. It heals at 2x normal

Which superpower would you rather have?

Invulnerability, but only when you're completely naked (you'll have to strip before running into burning houses, before someone shoots you, etc.)
Flight, but only if you're completely naked (if you fly too high, you'll freeze, so you may have to fly low enough where you can be seen)

Which superpower would you rather have?

X-ray vision
Super senses. All your normal senses are 2x, but only when you activate them. That way, a cat purring next door won't wake you up at 3am

Which superpower would you rather have?

Titanium bones. Nigh impossible to break. You can punch through walls. However, you will weigh 50lbs more than you do now
Heat vision. You can scorch anything in front of you. However, after you use it, you're blind for the next minute

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What are your favourite Paleo/Primal blogs?
How about favourite Paleo recipes or links to them?
I just started a week ago (was low-carbing before) and I just feel amazing - and amazed!

If you don't eat Paleo, can I stop watching a friend's entries without defriending them? Like how we can stop watching a community but still be a member.
si and am

Recycled Star Trek I

I don't remember who it was asked, but would you like me to tell you what recycled plot points are in the first new Star Trek movie (the Abrams version from 2009, not the most recent one, which is just Wrath of Khan twisted and turned inside out)?

DK/DC:  Does anyone else respond to questions before reading what others have responded? How often is your answer in line with the majority?


For those of you with children, how old were you when you had your first? Was the pregnancy planned, and were you in a stable relationship at the time? What are your children's names?