June 2nd, 2013


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My mom has a rental unit. Her tenant stopped paying rent and told her to just take it out of his security deposit. We took him to court and won judgement and possession of the house. He has to be out by tomorrow, but still never paid the judgment, which was 3 months worth of rent. Is my mom still responsible to return his security deposit? It was less than one month's rent.
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Any tips for how to eat healthy/clean when overseas? I'm talking about when you're on the road backpacking through developing countries like Bangladesh, not Europe.

Also seeking general advice for:

- Eating healthy in airplanes? (I generally avoid the bread/carb-heavy in-flight food and try to request low-calorie meals if available)
- Eating healthy as a guest in a stranger's home (i.e. how to reject food without offending hosts).

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Say you work for a plane company and your family gets free flights. You, being single, get to pick a friend/SO/whomever you want to share in your benefits. You pick a good friend and they use the benefit all the time.

You realize after the fact, your family cannot travel certain places for free because you have this companion and had you not listed them, your family would get better benefits. Your family is planning a trip to Europe and now they have to pay a lot.

Do you mention this to your friend? Your father could be going to Europe for free had you not added this friend, now he has to pay. Do you ask for any reimbursement? Not a lot, just $50-100. Do you leave it alone and say "now I'll know next time"?

I just feel bad for my family... but I didn't know.
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Do any of you have any particular Etsy jewellery shops that you like?  Or handmade beauty supply stuff?  I need gift inspiration, but it was way too overwhelming trying to just browse everything!
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Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. When my dad wanted to watch I though sounds cheesy and ridiculous. Then I started watching. I loved it!!!!

So my question. What is the last movie you expected to be meh but ended up really good?

What is your fave vampire show, book, video game, movie?

Have you seen Abraham vampire hunter movie and read the book? How is the book?
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Say you're a retail worker. Someone brings in an item that you don't recognize as being from your store, and presents a receipt that is a couple years out of date (I assume most retail places have a 30-90 day standard). The item is broken or worn out, and the person swears they just recently pulled it out of storage and used/wore it, and it was defective.

Now say this person does this on a regular basis, and your manager always accommodates them, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to give them a refund/exchange/whatever.

What would you do?


I have a question.

DC Capital Pride parade is this Saturday. My boyfriend and I were going to go but now we have a dilemma.

His [much older] sister's birthday party is also that day. His mom's probably not going because there's a ton of drama related to where his sister's having it [her biological dad's].

His sister's really not reliable when it comes to picking him up for things. [She once didn't pick him up to spend Spring break with her and her kids and didn't bother to tell him just didn't pick him up at all.] So I don't know how he'd be getting there.

So anyway, what are the odds he's going to pick the Parade with me versus his sister's party [which he also just found out she changed, we've had our plans for a few weeks already]?

Thanks in advance~