June 1st, 2013


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So, to make up for my shit as fuck week, my night has consisted of hanging out with my friend, getting dinner, splurging on gummy candy and fudge, then going back to my house and watching Emporer's New Groove with my mom and sister.
I feel like an 8 year old. And it's awesome.

When was the last time you felt younger than your age and why?

Also, what is something awesome about you?
me, windswept

another in a long line of questions about my failure to have a life

How would you go about picking an okcupid username? The silly crap I've made it up for internet forum and Lj don't really scan for something real people I'd theoretically meet in real life would read.

How do you convince yourself you're interesting? The last time i tried to sign up to one of these things, it was aking so many questions about interests and things and I was able to put down so little I just gave up.

should I be worried I only seem to give a crap about this stuff very infrequently? Like I say when changes in my life are coming up anyway.

urgh, how pathetic/melodramatic do these questions always make me sound?

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if you've got kids, or are just very close to some kids: will you tell me what ages they were at their last birthdays, and what their favorite most awesome birthday present turned out to be?
Bandit Driving

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Mary has a young child. Child's birthday is coming up and Mary is planning on having a party at a place that charges $7 admission. Is this tacky? Should Mary pay for everyone to attend? What if Mary asks for no gifts, does that change anything? What if some of the guests would likely be going to this place on that day anyway (party or no party), thus paying the $7?

Loosely based on this http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/156185/charging_kids_to_come_to and an upcoming party.

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i am organizing my desktop folders, this includes my gifs ^.^
can you share your favourite gifs?

what are your favourite gifs for: surprise, hug, laugh, cute, wow, omg/wtf, sarcasm?

dk/dc: is it summer where you live yet? are you going on holiday (vacation) this year?