May 31st, 2013

r lee ermey

What would TQC do?

Last week I was one of the last people on a nearly full flight. As usual, the over head bins were nearly full. I moved some else's bag to make room for my own carry-on. As I bent over to get my bag and put it in the now vacant spot, some other dude (who had already been seated) reached up and put his briefcase into the spot I had just cleared...
I was shocked. I was about to go all postal on him, when the air crew found a good spot for my bag.

What would have been your response TQC? What should I have said to this DB?

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If you're in a serious, long term, monogamous relationship, and its a good solid relationship, and your SO goes out one night, makes out with someone (possibly while drunk, possibly not), totally regrets it.... Do you want to know about it?

Inspired but the radio show I listened to this morning.

devon ramen

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do you know how much your friends make?

im about to graduate and enter the workforce (yay!) and ill be moving back home. basically all the money i make i can keep. how much were you saving when you started your career (not your first job)? what did you do with your first paycheck?

im so excited all i can think of is taking my family out for a really posh meal with my first paycheck, take my sister to lunches and dinners, and going away on holidays!

oh i guess nobody is really answering my questions :(
space, fire

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What was the last thing that made you think humanity might be losing it?

Right now, outside my work building, three separate news agencies have sent cameramen to film this sensational news: the first crosswalk in Chicago where it is legal for pedestrians to cross both ways at the same time (also known by the criminal elite as "jaywalking"). News agencies are literally here to film people crossing the street diagonally.


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My mum's coming to visit me in Florida for a few days. We're going to spend about 3 days in Orlando, then want to head up possibly to St Augustine. Is there anything we absolutely musn't miss on the way, or anything else worth having a one night/day stop over at? I've heard about the natural springs which sound amazing, but wouldn't know which one to go to.
pom love

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As suggested in my earlier post...

TQC, what are the best resources for getting grad school scholarships OUTSIDE of the school you are attending? I'm going to try to work it as much as possible at the school, but I applied too late for graduate assistantships.... I'll write any essays though!

Going to school in NC for International Studies if that makes a difference. I know it sounds like a crappy plan given the job market, but I have a very specific reason why I'm doing it. :)