May 29th, 2013

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Anyone want to weigh in on some polarizing news regarding a student representative (president of the student's union) in a very prestigious (if not the most prestigious) school in Ireland?

A lot of the drama around this seems to centre around him citing his depression as "context" for what he did (he was caught cheating in an exam), as well as the sanctions imposed on him (repeat at next examination session).

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Do you think it's hypocritical if, for example, someone says "I don't eat at Chick-fil-a on principle" but then they don't make any effort to research what other companies may be anti-gay?

If you do, what are some other examples of hypocricy?

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Is there a website where I can make one of those placards that prison inmates hold up during booking/processing photos? When I googled, all I found were news articles about prison guards getting pregnant by the same in mate and ways to find incarcerated penpals/boyfriends. (Specifically, I need a sign that I can design online, then print out- I am not looking to actually buy the placard)

I have some cool plans to prepare for Banned Book Week....
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Is there anyone in your life to whom you would really, really like to be nicer, but just don't seem to be able to manage it?  Can you tell me more about that?

What do you do when you find someone inherently annoying/frustrating/etc.?  Any tips or tricks on coaching yourself to be nicer, or to have more patience?

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Do you use a case for your phone/tablet/ereader?

I just bought a nook and I'm wondering whether to get a case for it. The nook itself was only £29 so it seems silly to pay much, but will it need protecting? If you have a nook (or other ereader), any particular case you would recommend? Cheap (including postage to the UK) and interesting (ie not just one colour) would be a big bonus.

To give an idea of my tastes, I have this case for my phone and I love it.

DK/DC: Do you have any free e-book recommendations? Hopefully I will eventually finish David Copperfield now I'll have an easier screen to read it on, but could do with more suggestions.

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How do you guys deal with your SO's when they're stressed/angry/irritable?


My boyfriend has been going through a hard bout of unemployment and some days there is just no getting out of his funk. I TOTALLY understand and respect his emotions, but I don't always know how to react. I'm trying really hard to stay positive, but sometimes I get so empathetic and tend to take on some of his grumpiness, which does no good.


Any suggestions? Anecdotes? I just get so sad when he's sad...

devon ramen

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do you/have you ever had a partner who was more sexually active than you? how do/did you manage?
i have to admit that sometimes im just so lazy/busy that i tell him to watch porn so he could leave me alone :x

dk/dc: what do you think about hypnosis? believe in it or is it pure BS? have you or anyone you know undergone hypnosis for entertainment or treatment purposes?

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What's the weirdest/coolest/strangest thing you own?

I have a vertebra from a whale that in 1988 (when I got it) had been from a skeleton that had been on the beach for over 100 years.

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My kindle hates Florida. I had it in my bag the other day and all these little melty blotches appeared on the screen. Once it cooled down it was fine, but even when it's out and i'm reading it it gets really hot in the sun. Will a case protect it or make it worse? Any recommendations?

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How do you feel about a relationship after its been fixed?

its better
its the same
i eye it with suspicion
next time i'll bail
it still needs more fixing
i have never repaired a relationship...i leave them burning in my wake
i am a robot
or, multnomah falls

Pen pals?

Has anyone ever done the pen pal thing? My best friend of 11 years and I recently got back in touch just before she moved away and we wanted to give it a shot. Did you put come cute "tuck-ins" with the letter? I'm trying to make it unique and fun and think that including little surprises would be a cute idea. Any other neat ideas or suggestions?

Wedding etiquette

Would it be tacky to include a dress code in a wedding invite/have one for your wedding?

My best friend is half Chaldean and wants to include a "please, no huge taffeta dresses or trains" type of blurp in the invites because the women on the Chaldean side of her family tend to go way over the top with their dresses when attending weddings and she doesn't want the rest of her guests to feel under dressed. She wants a more low-key wedding, not some huge prom-like thing. What is the best way to word this or get the message across?