May 27th, 2013

Don't Panic!

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Those of you with smart phones:

What apps / widgets do you keep on your home page(s)? Do you have them organized in any manner?

My "main" home screen has items that I use frequently and want quick access to, including an "analog" clock (which includes my alarms), a calender, FB, Gmail, web browser, OI shopping list (which includes not only things I need to buy at various stores, but also my ongoing list of books I want to read in what order), Slacker Radio, color flashlight, and YouTube.

To the left of that page, I have my "information" page. This has my quick access contact widget, a widget from the local weather company, a thesaurus, Merriam-Webster dictionary, Wikipedia, IMDb, a metronome, MapQuest, and for whatever reason Goodreads and Shortyz (a crossword puzzle app).

To the left of that I have my "assorted system apps" screen, which includes RingDroid, PlayMusic, PlayStore, a shortcut to System, Smart Actions, a data usage widget, and the Shazam widget.

To the right of my "main" screen, I have some odds and ends including a photo album widget, a mirror app, a stopwatch/timer app, and RunDouble.
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Inspired by answers to earlier post

Do you read fanfic? If so, what kinds?

How do you define fanfic? For example, are superhero movies fanfic if they're written by people who didn't create the original characters? How about modern Doctor Who or the latest Star Trek movies?

Do you think that fanfic as a genre has the potential to be great art?

bad habits

What kind of bad habits do you have? BUT, not the type that are directly bad for you (smoking, biting nails, etc - NOT these) but still just kinda like "ugh, I shouldn't do this"?

Inspired by the fact that it's starting to occur to me how awful I am at closing pens. If I am at work I leave the lid on the back all day or if it's a clicky pen I don't click it closed and it's just open forever and ever. Also there's a couple lights in my apartment I never ever turn off. I don't know why, lol.


Ever heard of them? They're tiny little mosquito type things that bite, and the bite itches like a bitch for DAAAAAYS after.

Any tips for getting rid of them? 2 of 5 of us in the house are being munched on with monotonous regularity, while the other three just think we're imagining it :-).

I've exercised my google-fu, but thought I'd ask here too.

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be doing housework. What are you supposed to be doing?
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So my mum was booking flights to come out and see me but never got a confirmation email from the airline. She said it went to her banks security page but she doesn't remember what happened after that, she thinks she got a blank page.
As much as I hope it worked, this doesn't sound good does it? It was a really cheap deal so she probably won't come otherwise.
How can I deal with the crushing disappointment?

Need help choosing new router? So confused...

So, my old router (linsys wireless g broaband router) has stopped working. I purchased a new router (Netgear N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router) and was wondering if this would provide enough wifi range for my 2,500 square feet home and if it would provide enough power for multiple devices (5 laptops, 4 tablets, 2 ipods, and 1 xbox). I also recently got a new smart tv (VIZIO 65" Class LED 1080p 120Hz SMART HDTV, M650VSE) and was wondering if it would work with this router too. I've been asking everywhere and reading up on everything routers but I'm so confused right now. Thanks to anyone who can answer.

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So last thursday I went to the doctor for a sore throat and cough and he looked into my ear and said I had a ton of ear wax buildup (ew). He then got his little scraping thing and took out huge chunks from my ear, which did hurt but I thought it was normal. He said there was still some in there and I could reschedule to get a deeper cleaning. It is now monday and my ear still throbs with pain.

Has anything like this happened before to anyone? I am thinking of calling him tomorrow because I find it unlikely that my ear would still be irritated from his scraping.

I'm judging you

Say you have a family member who has had a drinking problem throughout their life. The past few years they haven't been drinking at all and that makes you happy. THEN you go to visit, and they have wine at dinner. While this isn't the type of hardcore drinking they were know for in the past, it still makes you uncomfortable.

Do you say anything? Do you let it go because it was only wine at dinner? Drinking has caused major problems for them in the past.

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TQC, today I realized that I live my life by constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, if you will. When things are going well for me, I think about all the ways things could go wrong, and then wait for one of those to happen and believe that only bad outcomes are inevitable. It's exhausting and depressing. Have you ever found yourself doing this? How do you stop?