May 26th, 2013

queen of coke

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what should i say to my aunt about not going to my cousin's bridal shower?

at first i Rsvp'd that i'd go but when i asked if my daughter could go she said that kids weren't allowed...except for the two and three year olds on the fiance's side and her best friends' little daughters so if i couldn't find a sitter then sure bring my 11 year old, but otherwise "no kids"

i don't want to go anymore. i feel like if my daughter isn't welcome then i don't want to be there either...should i just say that "something came up and i can't make it" but send a gift? am i being weird?

-the same thing happened for her baby shower, they told me "no kids" but then when i went there, there were like 6 two year olds. my daughter is older and well behaved so idgi. the parties are always in their backyard its not like they're paying for a plate somewhere.

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If a non-parent disagrees with a parent about any situation involving a child, do you think it is a valid argument for the parent to say "you don't have kids you don't understand"? I personally think that is a very condescending and dismissive thing to say. How would you respond if someone said that to you?

A friend of mine posted on his facebook about how he wasn't going to let his kids join Boy Scouts now that they allow openly gay members, and someone called him out on being close-minded so he responded with the "you aren't a parent you wouldn't understand" quip.

Sleep paralysis

I 'suffer' with sleep paralysis. Usually it happens when I've just semi-awoken from a deep sleep. I still feel like I'm asleep. It's a bit like a dream, but I'm awake enough to be able to see my surroundings and my bed etc. But this morning something odd happened. I'd woken up. I looked at the clock. It was 11am. I heard my boyfriend pottering about in the living room. I just lay in my bed, wondering whether to get up or not. Just as I had decided that yeah, I'd get up, I suddenly found myself unable to move. I was awake, but I was completely paralysed. What the FUCK. Then I felt this wave of vibrations going through my body and a feeling of weightlessness. My heart was beating slowly. I could feel it banging on my chest. I tried to move my hands. Couldn't. My vision started to blur at this point, until everything just became milky white. I was so awake, I could still hear my boyfriend. I tried to call out to him. I couldn't. My whole body still felt like it was floating above the bed and I was still getting these vibrations all through it. Then I just snapped out of it, as if someone had clicked their fingers and that was it.

It felt just like sleep paralysis, but the fact remains. I was completely awake. I've felt faint vibrations through my body all morning, in fact. And when I went to get into the shower I felt it again, but more severe this time. I could move, yes, but I still got the vibrations and light-headedness.

Does anyone else suffer with sleep paralysis when they're awake? Is it actually sleep paralysis or something else? Can anyone shed any light on this at all? I'm a bit freaked out!

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Do you go through periods of not wanting sex?

I just had a three week period of being utterly uninterested; it felt uncomfortable the few times I tried, and most of the time the thought was just fairly unappealing. I then quite suddenly became interested again, and had some amazing sex last night, which I am looking forward to repeating tonight.
This happens every few months or so. I'm not worried, only curious as to whether this is common or not.

Kids/YA literature question

I'm trying to find the title of a book I remember reading as a child. It was sci-fi-esque and involved something called the Logos Cube and a pane of purple glass...these added up to interdimensional travel or something similar. I've Googled these few scarce facts and come up with nothing. Anyone remember this book?
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When's the last time you changed your email address? What made you decide to? Was it a huge hassle?

I've put off changing mine for years, because I've had it since high school and use it for everything but the most super-serious RL stuff. Yahoo's pretty much been making it their mission to piss me off lately, though, so I think I'm finally going to take the plunge. What should my new email address be, TQC? (nonsrs but you can give srs suggestions if you want to)
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For those of you who live in small apartments or condos, will you post pictures of your kitchen and living room? I feel so cramped here with my husband and all our stuff and no where to put or do anything! I'm basically looking for inspiration, and some of your previous bedroom picture posts have been awesome.

Know of any organization, cleaning, or decor blogs?

If you could upgrade just one thing about your home, what would it be?
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a friend of mine is holding a housewarming with the theme of 'ghetto 90s', sooo basically urban fashion in the 90s. i am just going for tacky and over the top. the only outfit i can think of is a denim bodice, chain printed leggings, a white faux fur jacket, and black and gold high tops.

relevant y/n?

what would you choose out of your own closet?