May 25th, 2013


weight loss woes

Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong? I've been trying to lose weight. I have lost about 15 pounds so far, but the scale as of late has NOT been moving and I am so frustrated. I have a trainer 2x a week and we do some heavy weight lifting and some cross fit. I do light cardio by myself maybe 1-2x a week. Typically I eat about 1300 calories a day:
chicken with quinoa
3 oz lean steak
grilled asparagus
protein bar
protein shake and another bar

Can someone clue me in on a way to lose weight? I keep hearing I'm eating too much or I'm not eating enough.
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Inspired by an earlier post

A bizarre string of circumstances has made it necessary for you to marry a fictional character. This character is initially smitten with you, but you'll have to put in the usual sort of work to make the marriage a success. Who will you marry?
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Can someone help explain why the situation in Europe seems to be escalating (yes, typo, I get it) on multiple fronts? I wander into the comments section on and see rampant, bloodthirsty Muslim bashing.

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Is anyone else here agonizingly punctual? How should I deal?

I have a total stick up my ass about plans being CONCRETE and about people being EXACTLY ON TIME, and I'm definitely one of those "if you're not early, you're late" people. If plans aren't solidified days in advance I'm anxious forever, and if someone isn't on time- even if it's not important that they are- I get pissed. Like, my bf and I are supposed to go out of town tomorrow but he still hasn't worked it out with me exactly WHEN we're going and it's driving me insane (even though as long as we're there by 4:30 tomorrow, we're good, and it's only like an hour drive).It's starting to introduce a lot of unnecessary stress in my life because a lot of people close to me can't seem to be on time to save their lives, and also, hey, most people aren't as uptight about that stuff. HOW ARE THE PUNCTUAL AND TACTICAL SUPPOSED TO COPE IN A WORLD THAT IS ALWAYS LATE AND JUST DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK?

Serious/non serious.

Also, what's your favorite flavor of jam/jelly/preserves for a PB&J?
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Today at Costco I saw a man wearing a red conical hat, about a foot tall and as wide as his head, with a strap wrapped around the base of it several times, and about two feet of the strap hanging down the back of his neck. The rest of his clothing was a different shade of red, but I didn't think to look at it as I was just passing by. Kind of a track suit maybe? He also had an unkempt beard, so I assume it's some kind of religious headwear.

GIS has failed me.

What was this hat, and if it's religious, what religions use it?

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What's your favourite cheese?

Mine is blue cheese, I think. I do have a lot of favourites though, but blue cheese is at the top. Gorgonzola is my favourite blue cheese. I prefer to just eat it as it is.
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Mental Mastication Redux

Those of you who answered this post in the affirmative, how many of you are depressed? Chronically depressed? On medication for depression?

I'll step up and say I'm on medication for severe depression, have been for years. Right now I'm on Effexor, 75 mg twice a day. I still do the same thing, but it's a lot less dramatic than before I was medicated. I will say that I didn't do it while sharing the bed with someone else, mostly out of shame because I never knew anyone else did it...