May 21st, 2013

I'm having dreams about you

Do you dream every night? Do you remember your dreams? Is it as exhausting for you as it is for me?

I dream every night, remember every detail and often want to discuss my dreams, but I've realized people who don't remember their dreams aren't that interested.

Is there anyway to make dreams stop?
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FOR $25,000, WOULD YOU....? - All bug poll

...would you strip naked and then enter a small room with 1,000,000 bedbugs and proceed to make 'bedbug angels' by lying on your back and rotating your limbs for 5 minutes? You can shower, de-louse or do whatever you want to afterwards


...would you kill 100 Madagascar hissing cockroaches using only your forehead? They're all trapped in one room with no hiding places. You cannot use anything but your face to smash the bugs


...would you chomp 10 live camel spiders (google it)? You don't have to eat them, you just have to bite them in half.


...would you share a sleeping bag with 100 spiders for 15 minutes? You climb inside first and then the spiders are poured inside. You can't kill them, you just have to endure them crawling over you in a confined space for 900 seconds

67(80.7%) a giant live scorpion (youtube Food for Louis)?


(no subject)

I've been on Cymbalta for anxiety for 3 1/2 weeks now, and lately all I've wanted is to play with animals like otters or monkeys or help rehabilitate koalas, etc and hug babies. Have any of you had interesting feelings/mood changes/urges when antidepressents started to kick in for you?

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Have any of you ever been on Lexapro to treat anxiety? How did you find it? Any weird side effects I should be on the lookout for?

My doctor just prescribed me a low dose of the generic for Lexapro on a trial basis. She warned me about nausea and lightheadedness, but said they should go away within a week or so.
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(no subject)

Do any of you currently live in this situation?  You (possibly with a partner) own a home, but are renting out a room to someone else.  How's it working out for you? Any suggestions of things that made things go more smoothly?  Pitfalls to avoid?

No renters - Do you enjoy yardwork? What do you like best/hate most?  I like cutting the grass, but I cannot deal with flowerbeds.  They overwhelm me.

(no subject)

Would you be offended if your SO didn't want to see your parents 1-2x a week? My boyfriend's mother is draining me with her negativity and I don't think I can handle it. I just saw her on Saturday.


Do you go and sit outside (on a porch with a cover or something similar) when it rains? Where do you live?

You'll almost always see my parents and I sitting on our front porch for at least a few minutes when it rains. I'm from North Carolina. I know my family in Tennessee does it too but I'm not sure if my family in the North does it or if it's more of a cultural thing (sorry if I sound ignorant or anything),

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(no subject)

I have an insurance deductible that is based on the calendar year. I met the deductible in 2012. My daughter had some blood taken for testing on 12/24/2012 so that should have been paid for by insurance since I'd met the 2012 deductible. However, they are saying that they didn't test the samples until 01/09/2013 so they're billing me since I haven't met my deductible for 2013 yet. Is that standard practice, TQC? To bill according to when the sample was tested vs. when it was drawn?
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i'm seeing the xx tomorrow night! i'm really excited but it's a general admission concert (my first ever) and i don't want to go in half-cocked and end up looking like an idiot, so i have a few questions for people who have lots of concert experience

what are general admission concerts like compared to ones with seating? i know that they're standing, obviously, but i'm just wondering how it is in terms of chaos, if the standing for a long time is a huge issue, if they're violent or anything, etc. i tried reading up online and it kind of scared me, because it makes it sound like it's going to be one giant mosh pit D:

is there any etiquette i should know or things to be careful of?

if the concert starts at 7:00, what would be a good time to show up to get seats? i don't need to be at the front but i don't want to be stuck way at the back either

dk/dc: who would you most like to see in concert?

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We're having a heat wave up here, and it's making me think about cool, light summer meals. I've never had gazpacho but suddenly it sounds so nice. Does anyone have a killer gazpacho/killer summer weather recipe?

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How old were you when you went to your first concert? What band was it? Indoor/outdoor venue?

My soon to be 8 year old is begging me to go to a concert Saturday night. (Our town has a 5 day festival every year. Each night is a different theme, Saturday is rock night). The band is Papa Roach and tickets are only $15. I imagine they'll be censored somewhat, just because this is advertised as family friendly.
So, tqc, if you were me, would you take him?



I'm putting together a powerpoint for my preschoolers graduation. I'd like to add music, but I'm not sure what to add. Last year we did the White Stripes song about being friends. I can't think of anything. Suggestions? I thought "We are the Champions"(instrumental) might be cute.

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I have the worlds most horrible mouth ulcers. How do o get rid of the pain with no medication? I don't have a chance to go to the shops.
Couldn't it have been caused by drinking tap water? I've just moved to the US and it tastes really bleachy here.

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TQC - what annoys you about the gym?

I take a class at the gym and this girl is doing EVERYTHING incorrectly. I am not a trainer, but I do know what I'm doing. She is doing her dead lifts wrong, her upright rows wrong, clean and presses, squats... I could go on. Unfortunately she doesn't go on Thursdays where that instructor would correct her every move, this instructor doesn't. He just says subtle suggestions while he's directing the class. She plants herself front and center every time, so I am always looking at her in some respect because I am trying to look at the instructor! I wish this didn't annoy me so much but I get SO ANNOYED!!!
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I got asked if I was going to high school reunion....

Did you go to high school reunion?

So you have fun? Was it lame?

Is it...even worth it?

I am not the same person I was back in high school. I've become...rather antisocial....

*Edit* Well that answers if i am's $55....I'm not going to spend money on that....
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bank statements

my mum's confused about her credit card statement.

can someone explain these for me so i can tell her? -.-

credit limit - 10,000
previous balance 8,300
new transactions - 1,500
your new balance - 9,800

she keeps telling me she has to pay the bank 10,000 and idk why she thinks that? i'm pretty sure this is a monthly statement so idk where that previous balance came from. idk much about banks and credit cards myself, can someone help?

ah thanks everyone, i thought it was so but i assumed she had paid last month when she actually had not -.- tyvm tho
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(no subject)

A friend of mine has a very sweet dog that gets along great with my dog. My friend decided to take a job out of town and rent an apartment that will not allow dogs. Last weekend she asked if I would take her dog for 3 months, after which she will be moving into another place, or find a new person to take the dog. I thought about it and said no. I have watched her dog many times for a short amount of time. Our dogs play nonstop, and get kind of aggressive with each other in our yard (not hurtful fighting, but loud where I have to many times yell at them to calm down). Once they are inside they continue to play, and our house is small and condensed. I also have several trips this summer where I would be boarding my dog, and her's would cost me about another $200. Our dogs were also raised differently, so how they are treated when we are away and meal times are completely different. Her dog chews on computer cords, shoes, etc. There are just many reasons I can't take on another dog.

While I have explained this all to her, she insists that she has no other options. The strange thing is that she also has another small dog that I immediately said no to, because he is able to escape cracks in our gate.She was fine with that. Last text I got, she said that she would have to take the dog to a rescue if we don't take her.

What would you guys do? I hate to see this happen to the dog, but I feel this is her responsibility and it would be a lot more work for me. I would never dream of renting a place that didn't allow my dog, or at the very least having a 100% fall back for her in the mean time. I just really hate to see this dog go to a rescue, but she is moving next week and I don't see her finding anyone else. Thanks! This is hard for my dog loving soul. 
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(no subject)

For those who like baked potatoes with cheese, do you like your cheese already melted before it is put on the potato?

For those who don't, or those who want a second question, what did you have for lunch today?

(no subject)

I'm buying plane tickets and traveling on my own for the first time. I know a lot of TQC-ers have experience with this, so can anyone help me? Which sites should I use? I don't need a hotel or a car or anything- just a flight. I'm on a budget, so I'd like to, you know. Not break it.