May 20th, 2013


Yet another first date poll. I really find these things amusing

You're on a first date at a decent restaurant. Things are going fine. Your date is attractive enough, and interesting enough. Then you come across a particular 'quality' about your date. Which of these flaws would be dealbreakers that would prohibit a second date? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you could overlook the drawback enough to see this person again

You get next to your date, and smell the aroma of cigarettes on their jacket
You notice the words 'Love' and 'Hate' tattooed on their knuckles
It's a diner you're at. After a few minutes, you decide what to order, but your date seems to have great difficulty in making a choice. Greatly indecisive. This comes again when you ask what movie they want to see
When you stand next to your date, as the waiter is getting ready to lead you to your table, you get a big whiff of B.O. Your date is a little bit stinky on the first date
Without a cue from you, your date orders for both of you, selecting something you hadn't mentioned. You change the order after, but it doesn't change the fact your date did this
Your date has a lazy eye. You didn't notice it before, but now that you have noticed it, you can't un-notice it
Your date is wearing a Hooters t-shirt. Maybe it's ironic. Still, first date?
Your date is a vegan, and takes pains to quiz the waiter on the preparation of the food, and the ingredients
You spy a crucifix around their neck. Not just a cross, but the image of Jesus on the cross. Seems like religion is important to him/her
He/she laughs, and it's loud, shrill and frankly, a little embarrassing. At least a couple people look over at you guys
You notice that your date's shoes are dirty sneakers. Also, his/her pants have a stain. Clearly, he/she didn't doll themselves up for your date
Orders a strong cocktail before the meal, and gets another during the meal, and another after. You, on the other hand, aren't drinking
You catch your date ogle the waitress' rack, and quickly look away, and then later, looks at her ass when he/she thinks you aren't watching
Your date has on really tight pants. Tight enough to notice details about their genitalia
Wears a tank top on your date, merely to show off his/her biceps. Your date is clearly into lifting and proud of their body

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What misconceptions did you have when you were younger?

I once thought that since they called Africa the dark continent, it meant it was always night there, like Fenrir was blocking out the sun.
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In the Space Where You Live

I am attempting to redesign my room to be a relaxing, comfy space with a lot of pretty (for meditating, relaxing etc.) . Also maybe a book nook because I am a big reader. What have you done with your room? Or what have you seen that you liked? Pics? What about things that make your room smell nice?


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What would you think if you saw someone post photos on Facebook of her and her friends in the backseat of a car on the freeway, swigging Jack Daniels out of the bottle?

ETA: my mistake, the person swigging Jack was actually in the driver's seat. What was the last idiotic thing you've seen on Facebook?
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Say you've been working for an organization for three years, filling in for the main employees (i.e. doing their job, but for small chunks of time, from a week to 3 months at a time, but working almost full-time). Say a position opens up, and everyone expects you to be hired outright. Instead, you are told that there will be an interview process, and they will tell you when a decision is made. Keep in mind all other full-time employees have not been through this interview process, and instead were hired outright to fill openings.

What would you think?
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Do you like to ride bikes?

What kind of bike seat do you prefer?

I'm getting my bike tuned up for the first time in years and the huz and I are going to start riding again. I need a new seat though because when I was in undergrad some cuntwaffle put his cigarette out on the seat, just left a finger of ash standing there for me to find. The seat has since deteriorated quite a bit.
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TQC, today blows. My ld bf isn't responding to my texts, I found out that I didn't get a job that I really, really wanted, and the air was out at work making everything sweaty and miserable (I work in a grocery store deli, near lots of ovens and already hot things).

Will you tell me your favorite joke?

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How have you been sleeping lately, TQC? Anything interesting happening in your sleep?

The other night I rolled over and smashed my mouth against my nightstand. Last night I stayed in the fetal position super long and woke up with sore hamstrings. Sleeping is rough lately.

Not so hypothetical...

Say you invite a handful of friends to a cabin your SO's family owns for Memorial Day weekend.  After a month+ of thorough planning, and now less than a week before leaving, it is mentioned that one of said friends will be bringing their small child.

Is it just me or is this something that probably should have been mentioned earlier?

The dragon is wreaking havoc in my brain

I'm looking for a book (a novel, preferrably) that involves drug use/addiction. Do you have any recommendations?
The plot doesn't necessarily have to focus on struggling with drug use/addiction/etc. But if it does or doesn't, it's cool. :) Just please don't suggest anything written by Ellen
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I think my boyfriend is gay...

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year. I love him so much, and I never want to lose him. We currently live together, but we're moving back with our families because he doesn't want to commit just yet. He says it's too much. He's only 21. Our sex life is pretty much non-existant. He doesn't seem to want to do anything with me. When he does it's just five minutes of foreplay and that's it, pretty much. And that is rare, too. He's got a lot of boy friends and he says he loves them, and he gives them hugs. He's pretty big on the old 'bromance' thing. I worry though. Is it normal for a guy to have bromances?

He also talks about male sex a lot, too, and that the idea of it turns him on a bit. That really got the alarm bells ringing for me! If he's straight, why the heck would gay sex turn him on?! He keeps saying he's only joking, he's not into men, but he talks about gay men and the gay lifestyle a heck of a lot. He keeps telling me that there's a guy at work who he thinks is gay...and he will NOT stop talking about him.

He also talks in his sleep and is very coherent. He talks about men a lot, and last night he was going on and on and on about this guy getting his 'cock' out. It woke me up and I heard the lot. Does a straight man dream about men and penises? I nearly left the bedroom and slept on the sofa.

I'm really worried. Am I worrying over nothing? Does it sound like he's in the closet? Because I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy. I love him, but if he's gay then there's not going to be any future for us, at all, is there?

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have you ever taken the morning after pill (emergency contraception)? experiences?

what are you hoping for?
what did you do today?
what are you on LJ for? what communities do you recommend?
do you always click on peoples name to look at their profile? why/why not?
what did you wear today?
what's the weather like where you are & where do you live?