May 18th, 2013

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I have a friend getting married in June and I am unable to attend the wedding because of my health. I also have zero money to spend on anything like gifts but I'd still like to send her something. I have two sets of really nice, unused, black picture frames, still wrapped in the packaging they came in. Would it be super tacky to send these to her for a wedding gift? Or would this be acceptable?

I tried to look on her registry to see if she had anything like this but the website's been done each time I look (super convenient!).

If you don't think the black frames are appropriate can you suggest something I might be able to do instead please?
Some Joseph looking for a manger

Ich gehe nach Berlin!

...just not right now. If things go according to plan, I'll be in Berlin for a bit come autumn, and I'd love some first-hand experience on fun things. (I've perused the internet, of course, but last time I tried that for an unknown city my ex-girlfriend and I ended up the only women in what HAD been a lesbian bar, so.)

I can find interesting museums and the like, which I want to see, but I'd like some stuff that's more people-oriented. I'm a young, queer lady and would like to, at least for a bit, be surrounded by more of the same, only, you know, German. Also any generally fun places to go, things to see, bars, whatever. Sexy things?

What should I see/do, O wise Question Club? I speak an OK amount of German, if that makes any difference.

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have you ever done fundraising for a project on kickstarter, indiegogo, or something similar?
how successful was it, and how did you ask people to donate?

I'm supposed to be fundraising for a group thing right now, and really disliking the process. I hate asking people for money, and they want us to send a bunch of personal emails to people, asking them to donate. on the one hand, I do want to raise the money, but it makes me really uncomfortable to ask people directly or make them feel guilty if they want to say no.

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I'm trying to remember an old cartoon from the eighties or nineties (I think?)
All I can remember is it was about ladybugs and the main character was female and red...for some reason I think she was called Coco Chanel or something, I don't know. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

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We're buying a washer & dryer from someone on Craigslist. They offered to drive one of the appliances back to our house so we wouldn't have to borrow/rent a truck. It's a 10-15 minute drive from their house to ours.

How much money should I offer to cover their gas? I was thinking $10; would that be enough to cover their gas to and from our house?

Squaretrade Warranty, anyone?

I just recently got an iPad mini and want to get some sort of warranty for it. I've considered AppleCare+, but when I read up on it, you can only purchase it either at the time of buying the iPad online from the Apple Store or buy it within the first 30 days in person at an Apple Store. I live in a town where we have no Apple Stores but rather an Authorized Apple Repair Centre. I'm not sure they would carry the warranty there though. I know you can purchase AppleCare for Macs there as I did last year, and I know they fix iPads/iPhones in addition to Macs, I'm just not sure about warranty for anything other than computers and I can't find info about it on their site. I could always call and ask, but I hate calling places of business.

However, I've heard good things about Squaretrade and am thinking of getting one through them simply because their warranty covers more (drops, spills, etc) whereas AppleCare+ only handles hardware/software issues and two replacements due to drops and the like. What I think it boils down to me for me is the fact that if I were to get one through Squaretrade, it wouldn't be local so I couldn't just take it down and get it looked at. They look to be about the same price wise, but I can get a three-year warranty for $129 through Squaretrade where AppleCare+ only covers you for two for $99. A two-year warranty is also $99 on Squaretrade.

Has anyone ever used Squaretrade? If you had to file a claim, was it a quick and easy process?

Advice? Thoughts?
si and am

Help me, TQC, you're my only hope

I was just outside taking the catsand to the trash and discovered that the rain has brought the slugs out!! Hundreds and hundreds of horrible, horrible slugs. It's storming right now, but tomorrow night I'm going to have a Slug Pickin' Party -- picking them off wherever/whatever they're on and dropping them into a bag of water with some soap in it.

But I'll need something to cheer me up while I'm doing it, because even though I wear nitrile gloves while I do it, it's so ICKY YUCK YUCK EWWWW to pick a big one up and feel it squirm and wriggle!

So what are some happy thoughts to think? Or if you can't think of any, what would be a more fun way to kill slugs? (I use SlugGo but apparently this is a new hatching.... ick.)

ETA: The slug pickin' was quite successful -- I got 50 or 60 small and medium slugs, and 2 or 3 breeding size adults. I also timed their agonies in the water -- from drop in to complete relaxation in death was about 2 seconds. No thrashing, nothing. Just plop, sink, uncurl, die. I'll be picking again tomorrow night, then spreading SlugGo.