May 14th, 2013

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i have a problem of still treating my 16 yr old sister like she's 7. i coo over her, hold her hand, and kiss her a lot. she's 7 years younger than me and it's hard to believe she's all grown up.. i honestly dont know how to treat her like a 16 yr old because im super affectionate and adore her so much.

do any of you have this problem with your younger siblings? will i ever treat my sister like she's a grown up?

Does personality mean everything in business?

Like let's say if your a filmmaker. Your always shy, and exude bad language that is often viewed as snobby and obnoxious by the general public, but you make great movies.

Would a production company simply not take you in if you're personality is like this?

I noticed a few women on the talent show "x factor" that had GREAT singing voices but were denied because they had no "star quality" about themselves and their personalities so the judges thought they were too difficult to work with to be in showbiz.

So what are your opinions? Does personality matter more than talent in most industries?

Would you?

"Angelina Jolie had double mastectomy to reduce risk of breast cancer" was one newsflash on the radio this morning. Apparently she had a gene test and it came back with a 87% risk of breast cancer for her. Taking her breasts off reduces that risk to 5%.

Question: Would you get one of those tests for yourself or would you rather not know? Why/why not?

If you knew your genetic probability for breast cancer, at what percentage would you consider mastectomy? Why/why not?
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Nail polishes

I know there must be people here that are crazy obsessed with polishes and can show me guidance for what I am looking for in the perfect polish.

  • I am looking for warm yellow neutral hues that are matte or suede finish. I put swatches under cut if you aren't familiar what this finish looks like. Yellow neutral hues because my hands are predominantly green and I cannot pull off any pink hues.

  • I'd like the actual non-shiny finish. (I've tried using matte coats on my regular polishes and they did not last more than a day. I work with certain chemicals that get on my hands and I guess mattifying top coats are just really not compatible, and don't look right either.)

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Thank you my hot finger friends!

live long

How long do you /hope/ to live?
About 62.
How long do you realistically think you'll live?
I come from a long lived, grossly lucky, freakishly resilient family, probably 80
Do you have an age that you just kind of think you'll die at?
68, I dunno, I just think so

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So wedding ceremonies are public events. Legally, anyone is allowed to go to a wedding ceremony. (At least it's true where I live.)

Well I just finished making programs and maps to give out at our wedding ceremony in a month. Just the regular program on the front, and at the bottom it says "Join us for dinner, drinks and dancing at ____________ at 5:30!" and on the back it has a map and directions to get to the reception.

Is this a bad idea? Do you really think people that we didn't invite are going to show up at the ceremony, and if so, are they going to assume that they should come to the reception?

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Have you gotten a black eye? How did it happen? How was the healing process?

My foster dog thought my face look tasty the other night and got me in the eye. My eyelid is now a wonderful shade of purple and my forehead is also tender to the touch, but doesn't look bruised. I found out the hard way that sneezing is very painful with a black eye. I'm looking forward to it healing.

dc/dk: What's your favorite way to spend a hot summer day?

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Americans! This may be a stupid question, but so far your country is confusing me.
I have a TV which is plugs straight into the arial port in the wall - no cable or anything. Is there a way to find out what channels i'm watching without going through them all and taking notes? (In the UK the terrestrial channels were BBC 1, 2, ITV and Channel 4 for example).
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This is a weird/bad question, but I want to know!

My boss listens to different IHeartRadio stations. This morning, she was listening to some Dallas station, but I didn't get the details. The morning show crew on this station were interviewing some...musician? I think? and were asking him all these personal questions. The guy they were interviewing eventually got sick of the questions and hung up. The DJs mocked him and made the point that he had something like 400 interviews & why was he getting all mad now. typical shock jock "u mad bro?" stuff.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Who were they interviewing??