May 13th, 2013


wakey wakey

Why are you awake? Is it the wee hours of the morning and you can't sleep? Is it time to start your day? Are you just sitting down to dinner? Elaborate plz.

For those to whom it applies, what did you do for Mothers Day?

For those to whom it does not apply, either a)why do you hate your mom so much?, b)I'm sorry for your loss :( (although whether or not it applies is entirely up to you here), or c)when is Mothers Day in your country if that is even a holiday there?

Do you live in a town that has a brewery/ies? What is your favorite "local beer"? Mine was Cigar City's "Florida Cracker" (not racist, has to do with Florida's history) but I tried their Jai Alai IPA today and I think I have a new favorite.

ugh ugh ugh

How would you react if one of your friends used your toothbrush while s/he was visiting your house?

eta: Would promptly disposing of that toothbrush and reconsidering your friendship be a huge overreaction?
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In your opinion, is it "better" to graduate university with a conjoint or two separate degrees?

For example, a Conjoint in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science or, separate Bachelor of Arts and a separate Bachelor of Science? (BA/BSc versus BA and BSc).
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I've got a playlist on my iTunes titled "Tarot," in which every song is based on a Tarot card. That way I can put my iPod on shuffle and give myself a reading while driving to work. However, a few of the cards are hard to find perfect songs for. In particular, I can't find any appropriate song for The Emperor. Does anyone know a song about a powerful authority figure that isn't negative? Ambivalent is fine, but it must demonstrate at least some level of respect for authority.

Bonus points if you can offer me any other perfect songs for other cards.

Piece of Music


On the radio I heard a snippet of music in a news article. Do you have any recommendations for sites that help identify music? If you've got time on your hands, do you recognize the song? Click Listen to Story and forward to 10:26. Sounds like it was used in a movie.


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For those who live in the US, how many US states have you been to? For the purpose of this question, "been to" means sleeping overnight or eating a meal, which is the standard a friend of mine uses.

Visited States Map lets you draw a map with the states you've visited. It doesn't consider the District of Columbia to be a state.