May 12th, 2013

roy mustang

Can I use your bathroom?

This afternoon I was at home with my brother. The doorbell rang and he answered it. He comes to me and tells me someone (a teenager, I'm guessing from appearance) is at the door. He doesn't know her, which is a red flag since my brother knows practically everyone in the neighborhood, so if he doesn't recognize someone then they more than likely don't live in the area. We were expecting someone to come by around the time she showed up, but she's not with them. It turns out, she just wants to use the bathroom. I tell her, sorry, I can't let you use the bathroom and that's about it.

We live in a suburban area, so it's not like people just pass through, especially on the road we live on. (If someone is passing through, then they're either lost or being suspicious).

What would you have done in this situation? I feel like I should've asked her if she lives nearby, but even if she did, I wouldn't let her in and it would've just been more awkward than it already was. 
devon ramen

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it's mother's day here in australia. if your mother did not give two shits about mother's day, would you still put in the effort for her?

when i was a kid i'd make and buy my mum gifts and cards but most of the gifts she'd leave in my room and the cards would just collect dust in a pile somewhere. i was contemplating posting a card to her idk why since she has never really appreciated stuff like that.

so.. wwyd?

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Want to play a very short and silly game with me?

What is the last thing you ate? What is the last word you spelled wrong multiple times even after spellchecker corrected it (or if you can't remember, what is a frequent offender word)?

Put those two together and most the result.


Instant oatmeal trafficking
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Have you ever walked over hot coals?

I'm doing it in October, sponsored for charity. I've always kind of wanted to try doing it, but not enough to pay for the experience, so this is perfect!

Ever done a sponsored anything else?

Or, have you ever done any other thing that some people think is crazy or brave, like bungee-jumping or parachuting or whatever? (Frankly I think parachuting is one hell of a lot more scary than walking over hot coals!!)

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What's the last book you read that was outside your usual genre? Did you end up liking it?

I'm reading Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen and so far I really like it. It respects both the tin-foil hat theories and the more verifiable historical and contemporary conspiracies along with being really well-written and nicely analytical of US politics and military. It's pretty engrossing.