May 11th, 2013

mr. blue sky

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I've just booked my 8 day trip to Taipei, Taiwan with 2 colleagues, and I'm so excited!

Where was the last place you went to for a holiday? If you had a choice of any destination in the world, assuming that money and accomodation are no issue, where would you go and why?

I wanna go to the Maldives, stay at one those sea resorts, and go snorkling.

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what is your favorite food right NOW? not necessarily of all time, but something you've been wanting to eat a lot lately.

mine is honey bbq shredded chicken sandwiches. wtf they are SO GOOD omg

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If you wear glasses, what kind do you wear? Pics of glasses (or you with them on) are welcome.

I'm going a bit nuts with the online stores that sell their own brand (Warby Parker, Classic Specs, etc). I might end up with like 5 pairs just because they're cheap compared to stores. Plus I'm terribly impulsive.

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My friend and I are taking a trip to Seattle/Portland/the Oregon coast later this month. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to see and/or good restaurants other than the "obvious"*?

*e.g., the Space Needle, Pikes Place Market, Powell's City of Books, etc.

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My boyfriend asked me to ask this question of you.

For the last day in his public speaking class they're having a potluck and he wants to bring something savory. Last semester to a class potluck he made empanadas and brought them. He's considering doing empanadas again, but was wondering if there were any great ideas for another savory finger food he could bring.

So TQC, ideas?
Grumpy Angel

Cat breed?

My husband is trying to remember a breed of cat.  He says it has a red (like, red-red) coat with a white belly, it's quite small, and it has short hair.  It had green eyes, and he thought it was from Egypt?  But he's not sure about that.  It's not an Abyssinian or an Oriental Short Hair.  Any ideas?
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disease names

in some of the historical fiction novels i've read (mostly set in Elizabethan England and/or Europe of that time period), there is mention of a disease called "white throat".

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sooo, do any of you know if white throat has a modern name? is it diphtheria? something else? or is it a disease that no longer exists?
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Creepy man in tonight's SNL

My husband and I were watching tonight's SNL and I caught something weird in the background. Semi-NSFW? Would anyone like to throw out any theories about this? West coast-ers, can you tell me if this still shows up in the later broadcast? We're watching it central time, so it's truly live.
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devon ramen

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im overloading this semester (5 subjects instead of 4 + an internship + various tests and checks for visa purposes) and it's taken a toll on my assignments so far.. they've all been bare passes and even one fail.

im a psych major but one of my courses this semester is a history course on US history and politics. i know close to nothing about US's political history and i'm panicking about my major assignment coming up worth 60%. i study for this course every week, do readings, attend lecture and classes, but i still feel so lost. they require you to know so much other info that's not taught in class. it's just too much and i spend hours just trying to google all the background info. i cant speak up in class because i honestly am so confused.

should i let my lecturer know im struggling? i feel like there's nothing they can do about it tho.