May 10th, 2013

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I am completely at a loss for finding a mother's day present. Will you help me? Sorry if these have been posted a lot, but I need help! She doesn't like any traditional mom gifts for the most part. Some facts:

- Doesn't wear makeup, thinks jewelry and nice clothes are dumb and a waste of money. Shops at thrift stores.
- Doesn't cook, doesn't like "gourmet" anything (like fancy coffee, tea, chocolate, etc., does her shopping at Winco/Costco and gets indignant when people spend too much on food/groceries).
- Likes tools. My dad always gets her some sort of tool she has requested, but it's really hard to think of anything she doesn't have. Not really interested in getting a gift certificate.
- Literally does not read anything except the paper (now she mostly gets her news online/on her phone). Hates books (yup).
- Hobbies include: Fixing up houses, landscaping (not gardening, though and not that into it except to fix up a house), building stuff.
- Does not like to leave home/the suburbs. Voluntarily stays home while the rest of the family takes vacations.
- Likes board games but literally every present I ever give her is a board game.
- Not into gadgets unless a practical tool.
- Likes music/TV/movies, but already has access to most everything she wants. As a last resort my present will be to figure out how to hook up her computer to the TV so she can watch the new seasons of Downton Abbey and Bomb Girls, but I was gonna do that anyway.
- Likes hanging out with family and generally a very positive person.
- Wealthy. I.e. buys everything she needs/wants, but resents spending money unnecessarily.

How can you possibly buy a present for someone who doesn't want things and has everything?! I am too untalented and late to make anything :( Maybe my present will be "I tried but I decided not to burden you with useless crap, you're welcome."

Hypothetical scenario for a job seeker

This situation hasn't yet happened, but I am curious about what to do if it does. I am currently searching for a full-time job, but plan to apply to a part-time job that I qualify for even though it's nowhere near my target career. If I start the part-time job, but then get an interview/offer for a full-time job shortly afterwards, would it be terrible for me to leave right away even though I just started?

Should I even bother with a part-time job, or would it just hinder my chances in the full-time job search?

Thank you for any advice!

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What do you think of people who censor themselves in writing?

For example: I'm just so f*****g mad! They need to go *bleep* themselves!

I can't stand it. The reader is already filling it in with the actual expletive, so why not write the whole thing? And if you don't want to curse, then why not phrase it differently (like "I'm so incredibly mad!")?
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School's over for two weeks, now what?

TQC, I just finished my second semester back to college. I'll now have from today (5/10) until 5/28, give or take a few days, to literally sit on my ass and do nothing until the summer semester begins. That being said, I get bored easy. I would like some TV shows to watch. What are your suggestions? Here's some sort of guidelines:

1. I like shows that usually aren't on local channels (ABC/NBC, etc) unless they're not your typical Everybody Loves Raymond kind of Sitcom, or something along the lines of The Voice/whatever those "talent" TV shows are.

2. Some shows I've really liked are Weeds, Freaks and Geeks, and Girls.

3. Chances are, I haven't watched it, so feel free to offer as many shows as you'd like.

4. Definitely into shows that are not on normal cable (as in, I like shows that are aired on channels like HBO and Showtime, and AMC.)

5. They don't have to be airing right now or on Netflix (or anything similar). Use your imagination. >_>

Thanks guys!

edited to say I'm also not into anything horror or that has a ton of blood. mostly comedies, maybe drama, don't like anything like NCIS or crime shows. into a lot of like "indie scene" shows, I guess is the easiest way to put it. I'm difficult, I know. >_
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What is something you desperately wanted as a child but you never got?

I would have sold my soul for a 'Puppy Surprise' when I was a kid but my mom thought the concept was sick and refused to get me one!

Also, will you post the most recent photo of yourself and explain what was happening/you were doing when the picture was taken?
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how do you help out the homeless? do you give panhandlers spare change? are you more likely to give them change if theyre actively going around asking, or if they sit there with their cup? have you ever given a homeless person food? have they reacted negatively towards you? what were some of the more positive reactions?

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What do you want? Anything goes today, so don't let your desires be held back by the laws of physics or probability. Do you want magic powers? Purge your inner demons? World domination? Your own interstellar spaceship? Spiritual enlightenment? Eternal unrelenting ecstasy? Think big.


Our family has been looking to add a feline. Our dog (rescued minpin) only gets along with cats and everyone in the house wants a cat (I'm a dog person). I've scoured rescues but their offerings fall short of cats that get along with dogs and/or children (we have an 8 y/o, not worried so much about the kiddo since she knows when animals aren't into playing but MUST get along with dogs). I've checked out craigslist and while the replies say they get along with dogs/kids I never hear back after requesting a meet and greet.  So there is this older than kitty, younger than cat that roams around outside our apartment complex. My dog and the cat have become best friends. They play in the "yard" every chance they get. Our immediate neighbors have even asked if the cat belongs to us since it is always waiting at the stairwell or by our door. This cat has no collar but is still really friendly which makes me think it may be domesticated. Falling short of knocking on every door in the complex, we have no other way to establish if the cat belongs to someone. So I ask you, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being full fledged Ahole, how bad would it be if we adopted the cat? If we did it would forever be an indoor cat, become fixed, taken to the vet on the regular, toys/snacks/cat food galore and surrounded by people who would love it unconditionally.  I'm banking on it helping with the field mice problem in our apartment. Win/Win right?! So what say you? Let the cat be? Snatch it up? I'm worried if I let the cat be it might get sick or hit by a car but at the same time it could also be bringing some other family the same amount of happiness it has brought ours.