May 9th, 2013


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Help me find sandals, TQC!

What I'm looking for:

Something with a low to medium wedge/platform -- I can't wear super high and flat shoes are not comfortable for me. Also, I''m short so I like the added height. I can't put a lot of weight on the ball of my foot so heels (as opposed to a wedge) are out.

I would like it to have some cushioning -- I'm looking for something I can wear every day in the summer & I live in a city and do a lot of walking.

I would also like it to have some sort of back. Currently I have a pair of sandals I love, but they have no back so I can't really run in them.

Thanks so much.

DK/DC: Ever been to a burlesque show?

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What small things piss you off way too much?

I get enraged when I am vacuuming, and the hose pops out and I don't see it happen, so I have no idea when it happened. I have to vacuum the entire side of the room again.

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I'm trying to improve my posture by sitting up straight on my chair. I used to always super slouch. It is not that comfortable.

How long will it take for this to be somewhat comfortable?

What are you guys up to today?
ffvii; wutai

Recommendation Time, question club!

Okay, TQC, I am working from home as a biller. I've been listening to audiobooks in the office, but now that I'm home I can do things like bill on my TV screen. So I've been 'listening' to television shows. Unfortunately, I'm all caught up on Game Of Thrones, Defiance, Elementary, Vikings, and I've even watched the entirety of Firefly.

Anything you'd recommend?

(My only caveat is that it need to be primarily in English and somewhat conversation heavy. Recs of anime are fine so long as the dub doesn't make me want to shove icepicks in my ears.)

Recipe Help?

Can you please help me find a recipe? It's an Asian salad made with lettuce, green onions, nuts of come kind (toasted?), mandarin oranges, and a dressing that's made with cider vinegar (I think), Splenda, and oil (I think). I originally found it in a Splenda recipe book (very thin, had a yellow-ish cover), but I cannot find the book anymore and Google is failing me.

Thanks in advance!

Non desk jobs

For those of you with non-desk jobs (or at least use a desk less than 50% of your time) what do you do? Do you like it?

I can't handle a 9-5 desk job anymore.
Luckily my background is in environmental studies so after this year is up, I either want to work with food, marine conservation/education, or start some project on my own. What should I try next? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

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For the college grads...did you go to graduation?

My graduation for my bachelor's program is this Saturday. I'm wondering if I should go or not. It's 45 minutes away, I don't have any family or friends (other than the other 10 people in my group) going. It's a Christian based school (I'm an atheist) I know the ceremony is going to be fairly religious.

So would you go? I also plan on pursuing my Master's degree...*that* would be a graduation ceremony that I would want to attend.


My mom set me up on a blind date for this weekend too. She and my dad were stopped with my aunt and uncle during a ride out on their Harley and they met this to chitchatting...and he asked if they knew of any single girls that would maybe like to hang out...of course my mom pipes up about me..

Would you go? Can you tell me a blind date horror story?

Lost & Found


I found a metro pass/card in my apartment building the other day. Instead of using it for myself straight away, I'm thinking about giving its original owner a chance to claim it (I'll put up a Lost & Found sign). I know the exact dollar amount on the card because I checked it at the metro station, but other than that, these cards are really generic. If the owner can't tell me the approximate value of the card, are there any other ways to know if the person is the rightful owner?

Should I not bother and just use it for myself?

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Do you admit to liking anything you know is pretty much crap or terrible? If so, what terrible things are you into?

I have a thing for dramatic, mainstream, and frankly silly shows like Desperate Housewives, Greek, Ugly Betty, yadda yadda. I like songs just for being catchy. I like young adult novels and have read one or two romance novels that I didn't hate. I dunno, I think a lot as it is, I like my entertainment to be easy for the most part (not always but probably 60% of the time).

Dear TQC

What's wrong with this picture?

It was posted on Facebook with the caption:
"What editor fucked that one up?
or are people just really stupid these days??"

So far most of the comments have all been agreeing with the OP [except for mine].