May 8th, 2013

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Heel-wearers of TQC, how do you keep your shoes from getting stinky?? I end up just buying cheap shoes and throwing them out every year or so, but it gets really annoying. How do other people deal with this?


Slept with roommate... Now what?!

Hey QCers,
I'm sorry this is a long one,

A few months ago I found a new place to live through CL. The guy (Dan) who owns the house is 31, attractive and one of the nicest people I've met. At the time when he said I could move in he had a long term GF who was living in Denver. I was/am casually seeing a guy in NYC (David). We are not in an official relationship, we just regularly see each other every 3 weeks/month or so, talk every day and play League of Legends together. We both still do our own thing because of the distance.

So I meet up with Dan one night to show me around some bars since I'm moving to a new city and want to check out the nightlife. It was fun and that night he briefly mentions that he and his ex broke up. The night goes well, and that night we both sleep in our respective beds. This starts to become a regular thing, once a week before I officially move in we go out to bars, come back and play board games and then sleep in our own beds. Never hooking up. Until this past Monday. I had a stressful week before and when we went out to a bar I ordered 3 Mai Tai's. we get back to his place and watch a movie together. Snuggles happen. Then when we are about to go into our own beds I drunkenly give him a good night hug and he picks me up (I'm 5'2, he's 6'5. Silly height difference, I know) and kisses me. We are both hesitant because we know there is no going back, but at the end of the night the booze took over and we slept together. That morning,(yesterday morning) we have sober sex again.

So we text about it briefly, I apologize and say that I was dumb and impulsive but we both agree we are not uncomfortable about it. I left my laptop at his place so last night I stop by to pick it up. It's late and he has work early so we both go to bed in our respective beds at midnight, but the temptation was there, at least for me. I'll be spending the weekend at our place too, I'm just hoping it isn't awkward.

I don't know what to do. I am heavily attracted to him, but at the same time if we keep this up I don't know if I am ready for a relationship. I mean, he's 31 and I'm 23. I imagine he is looking for something more serious than casual. Does anyone have some relatable stories? I don't know anyone who has been in a similar situation.

TL;DR I slept with my roommate and can't stop being attracted to him, but still want to keep things casual.

Thanks guys.
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Rules, rules and more rules?

Dear TQC -

I need some help.  The long and short of it is, Sister #4 and her husband are complete screw ups and because they are complete screw ups, my sister ended up with a TBI.  This chain of events left my 15 year old nephew without a stable home environment and he will be moving in with me for this summer at least while he attends summer school in the district where we all went to school.

Now, this kid has had little in terms of structure in his life and I have never been a parent.

So, I need to come up with some rule and guidelines for him.

What chores should I make him responsible for?  Also, what net nanny software or filtering would you recommend I put on the computer I bought for him?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome!  Humor is needed in this truly f'ed up situation my family is trying to untangle.  :-p
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My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and he is a person who would much rather have a useful gift than just any ol' cool gift. He is about to graduate with a major in sustainable technology and I thought it would be a cool AND a useful idea if I made him something but also bought him something I don't have the time + knowledge to make.

Does anyone have any website suggestions that caters to what I am looking for? I have tried to look them up, but I am within a budget of $40 or less and a lot of those sites I have visited are with prices that are way out of my range. Anything would be great.

Heart do you know?

This was spurred by this post here.

I have very randomly and rarely felt like I had heart palpitations, but not having had a diagnosis on this I am not sure.

I has happened when I was really hungry, so it literally could be my esophagus spasming or something?

Definite indicators which make me think I have had palpitations: fluttery feeling in chest, dizziness immediately following fluttery feeling, mild out-of-breathness, mild dots being seen in vision.

But it has only happened a handful of times in my life.

Any thoughts on this?  I am going to schedule a visit to my doctor (PS thanks for the post, it sort of woke me up and made me realize I should get it checked out even if it's not a big deal)

Jeez, the more I describe it, the more I realize it's probably palpitations.  I would still like thoughts though.

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hey tqc - I just had a baby on friday and I've had two good friends in the same week ask what evening they can come visit and bring over pizza. we got pizza on like day 2 because it's the easiest takeout option, there were leftovers, i've been eating it for days, i'm sick of it. and honestly in the state i'm in I kinda need to eat foods high in iron and fiber and low on dairy, so yeah, officially I cannot eat any more pizza.

what's the nice thing to do?

1) tell them what to bring instead of pizza, even if it's more expensive/complicated? I mean I'd eat bbq or thai food but I know those are like twice as expensive as pizza.
2) just cook dinner for them so I can eat exactly what I want? tonight I was thinking grilled salmon sounds good, we could just get a little extra for visitors.
3) let them bring pizza, eat a piece to be nice, but mostly just eat salad that i'll make myself
4) tell them we just can't deal with visitors right now (partially true... i've been up since 1am)

I realize this sounds totally ungrateful that people are offering to bring me food and i'm turning up my nose at it :(
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Would you rather...?

At next Christmas, would you rather get EVERYONE...? Yes, this includes family

A buttplug
A card stating that a donation has been made in their name to the Creationist Museum. In the corner is written 'Fossils are dumb'

Would you rather...?

Wear only Daisy dukes or mini skirts when you go outside for the next month
Wear only the dirty clothes in your hamper for the next month. Yes, the clothes you were going to wash. That's all you can wear for the next 30 days

Would you rather have your significant other...?

Become 10% more intelligent, but become 10% less attractive
Become 10% less intelligent, but become 10% more attractive

Would you rather...?

Gain 40lbs
Age 5 years. Physically, your skin, organs, and metabolism will age half a decade

Would you rather be on the...?

Sexual offender list. Your name and profile will be in the databanks in your neighborhood, and you'll have to announce yourself as a pervert to anyone who moves onto your street
FBI watch list. You see suspicious unmarked vans outside your residence often, and many times you swear you're being followed. You're almost positive your phone is tapped

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what kind of paint of ink is this on demi lovatos hands?
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i want to do something like this for a photo shoot. is it oil paint? it can't be ink, that dries too fast... i don't think its a face paint, cause it looks super thin...its definitely not acrylic. any thoughts as to what i could use?

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Calling all photographers: Can you please recommend a good DSLR under $1000? Also looking for video capability. This is not for professional use, just trying to get back into a hobby I love.

I like Nikons but am open to other suggestions.

self pride

Sorry for the 2nd post but my daughter is napping and I'm bored.

I'm hoping this turns out to be a positive/inspirational post and isn't seen as a brag post. What accomplishments are you proud of? Feel free to post pictures because pictures make everything better, don't you think?

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Any other women here who are TERRIFIED of pregnancy and childbirth?

I quite like the thought of having a baby of my own someday but I actually think I'm never going to go through with it because of the fear of a ruined body. And the mere concept of growing a person inside your body is just too much for me.

Any moms in here who would like to share their thoughts/experiences?

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We replaced our panini maker last month with this one: Hamilton Beach Panini Press except we didn't know at the time that unlike every other panini maker on the planet, the grill plates can't be removed from the machine.

How can I clean this thing properly? I don't want to submerge it in the sink because of the cord, but wiping it down is both really hard and not really working (I'm eating a panini I just made and it's definitely got remnants of the bacon I cooked on it two days ago). Blurgh.

computer question

I hope someone can help. I was messing with the cords around my computer and my computer lost power for a moment. A prompt came up about my computer not starting right. I was give the prompts to start in repair mode or start normally. I started in repair mode and now my computer seems to be stuck there. Do you think that if I unplug it that will help? Is there something else I can try? I did google it but I really couldn't find anything helpful.


I don't have the money or time flexibility to take a yoga class for beginners. However, I would still love to start doing yoga - and of course on my own. I've taken a few classes for yoga many years ago when I was in middle school, but I don't really remember much.

Do you know of a good resource for complete yoga beginners? (youtube, some other specific websites)
Do you do yoga? How long have you been doing it for? What type of yoga?
If you've been doing it for a while, what are the benefits you've noticed?
What time of day do you do yoga?