May 7th, 2013


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Birthday gift time! I need your help.

What can I get for my little sister for her 16th birthday? We're doing dinner for her actual birthday tomorrow night, but would like to do more.
-Very limited on cash, do not have over 20 bucks.
-Sister is very shy, introverted, geeky. Loves weird kitchy stuff.
-She's a huge K-pop fan, but already has all the cds she wants and posters.
-Homeschooled, does not interact with anyone her age.

If not getting something, what can I do for her?

While we're on the subject, what can I do for my mother's 55th birthday? Besides clean the hell out of the house so she doesn't have to.
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So you're 18 years old and home from college for the summer.  You and your dad are the only ones home for the day when he comes in from outside with a pretty good gash on his leg from falling out in the woods while working.  He tells you he is headed to the emergency room for stitches and he'll be back and starts to walk out the door without you.

You say no, wait, I'll take you! and run to the bathroom for a few supplies.  You patch his leg up with some gauze and medical tape and hop in your car together.  You drive him to the local emergency room and sit and wait with him.  Meanwhile, your mom and siblings have been notified and show up in the waiting room too, shortly after your BF, who lives over an hour away and was already on his way over when you had to take your dad to the emergency room.

Dad is doing pretty well, though impatient.  Bleeding has mostly stopped and he's been waiting over an hour so he's bound to be seen soon.  Its pretty clear he'll need 1 or 2 stitches, which doesn't bother him, he just wants to get it done so he can go home and get back to work.  He now has his wife and other kids to wait with him.  You ask him if he minds you leaving to keep your plans for the day with BF (which have been put off) and he says no so you leave.  You obviously see your dad later that evening and ask him how things went and he's doing fine.

Was it inconsiderate to leave instead of waiting for dad to get his stitches and be discharged?  Rude? Selfish?  Something else?

I did this to my dad almost 10 years ago and I just found out that at least my mom thought that me leaving was *not cool*.  I am totally willing to accept that I was being a thoughtless teenager but I am honestly not really finding anything inherently awful about it.  My dad is pretty no nonsense and it wasn't really a scary experience for anyone...I had thought.  I'm torn because my mom and I have/had a pretty tumultuous relationship so part of me is trying to just brush it off but I don't want to not do any self-reflection and miss the opportunity to make a different choice in the future.

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How long had you been with your SO before you decided to move in together?
My boyfriend and I have been together for five months but we spend a lot of time together and stay over at each other's houses at least three nights a week. We both currently live with our parents; I'm nearly twenty-one and have always lived with my mother, and he is twenty-six but moved out for university and later for a couple of years when he lived in France by himself. We both want to move out so we can gain independence etc, but mostly want to as we really want to live together.
We have made the decision to begin renting out a flat together in a few months, and we are both absolutely sure that this is what we want to do. Out of interest though - what do you think of living with a SO after only five months of being together?
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I'm currently (and very slowly) writing the second draft of my book about growing up with my sister's autism.
Would it be a bad idea to start a fiction novel before I've finished this one?

English - Do You Speak It?

How do you pronounce the word "sandwich"? It seems like everybody I know says it differently.

Sandwitch. This is how I say it, but it seems like I'm the only person I know who does. Then we have:


Samwitch (this is how my dad said it).




Sanwidge (this is how my mom said it, and my English husband says it like that too).

How do you say it, TQC?

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I remember I was taught to read before starting first grade in the 90s, and how to do addition and subtraction, and I was considered to be advanced for my age because I was reading and writing on my own.
Now, I'm seeing Facebook discussions about children who can read science fiction, write, multiply simple numbers... before even starting school... ages 3-5. Some parents were openly mocking other parents because their kids were not so extensively taught. Is this a thing now? That children start very early in age and are pushed hard? Is it a cultural thing?

ice cube fail

tqc, our fridge doesn't have an ice maker (which i never knew how much i appreciated), and so we use ice cube trays. more often than not, when i crack them to get the ice out, the cubes shatter into a bazillion pieces. occasionally i get whole cubes, but usually not. what gives? what am i doing wrong? do i need new/different trays? i thought ice cubes were pretty straight forward...
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First date

You're on a first date. They're attractive enough, and seemingly interesting enough. Then the subject of interests and hobbies comes up. Which of these interests/hobbies would be a red flag for you, and make you see your date a little differently? You hear it and you automatically start slowing down the progress of the date, getting a little guarded until your date puts the interest in perspective, if such a thing is possible. Anything you don't check, it's assumed that the interest doesn't faze you at all and doesn't make you judge your date for liking this thing

Stamp collecting (10 years now)
Guns (over 30 pistols)
Exercise. Goes to the gym daily for 2-4 hours a session. Doesn't believe in sitting around when you could be active
Justin Bieber memorabilia
Growing marijuana. Is really good at it. Produces the best kush you'll ever try, he/she says
Base jumping (avid enthusiast, jumps at least once a month)
Farmville. Has 3 accounts
The environment. Toils to lower their carbon footprint. Recycles and avoids processed anything. Only showers every other day to conserve water
Blogging (has a fan base that subscribes to his/her videos on youtube. Actually has a camera on your date and plans on putting the footage up later)
Insane Clown Posse. Plays their music often, and attends their shows always
Serial killers. He/she admits it's a little weird, but reads loads of books about them, collects info, etc.
Animals. Rescues dogs and cats. Keeps the ones that no one wants. Owns like some 20 animals
They're all fine. None of it would affect my perception of my date
✞ motherfucking  gawjus
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americana, exotica

i know it came out a while ago, but what do you think of the new fall out boy album?

i've heard two of the singles and i like them quite a bit so i'm tempted to buy the album but normally i don't like fall out boy so i'm not entirely convinced. the songs i have heard sound more mature than their older work (and the vocals are great) but i'm not quite swayed. what say you? is it worth buying? or are only the hits good?

dk/dc: what's the last album you bought/downloaded?
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The other night my friends and I (three girls) were walking across a restaurant parking lot at night and we passed a group of men who were like, "hey ladies! where are y'all going tonight?" and I loudly said "away." and continued to the car. When we got in the car one of my friends was like "you didn't have to be rude. they were just trying to compliment us." and I was like "umm, 'where are y'all going' is not a compliment. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you wanted to be talked to by strange men in a dark parking lot at night."

WAS I RUDE? I mean I guess obviously was rude to those guys, but w/e, would you be bummed if your friend did this?


Job 1
You already work here.
Looks great on your resume and is related to your eventual career path.  Pays $11-$13 and hour.
HOWEVER, it takes you 45 minutes each way (90 minutes, round trip) to get there and oftentimes you're only working a 2-hour shift.  It costs about $10 in gas each time you work, which is 4-5 times a week.  You get 12-16 hours, but are oftentimes sent home early.
This is a permanent position, but there is no room for advancement (i.e. getting promoted or working full-time).

Job 2
You were recently offered a position here.
Isn't related to your eventual career path.  Pays $8 and hour.
HOWEVER, is closer to home (about 10 minutes).  You would be working 15-20 hours a week and saving on gas. 
This is a seasonal position, but there is a possibility that you could be kept on.  There is room for advancement within the company.

So ... which job do you choose?

If you say job 2, would it change your mind if taking job 2 meant possibily burning a bridge and ruining your reference from job 1?
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How much do you pay in rent?
Where do you live? (State or country)
What is included in your rent?
What do you see as the pro to renting as opposed to owning?
Would you consider a rent-to-own agreement if it was offered to you?

And bonus question...... How do people afford to live on their own :( Shit is so expensive ugh.
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do you know of any "poor little rich boy/girl" people irl? i.e. those who were born wealthy and privileged, but lacked any parental love and affection. is it hard for you to feel sorry for these people?

asking cause i know of a person who was born very rich (big house, lots of gifts, etc.) but what he used to do every morning before going to school was aimlessly play a computer game where all he did was walk around the house, the neighbourhood, the shops, etc. because he longed to have a ~normal life~

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I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow and SUDDENLY, A WILD ZIT APPEARED. Uh, wtf? I never get pimples on my back but I have this huge ugly thing on my back that may or may not be in the way of the tattoo depending on the final details of it. Can he just.. tattoo over it? HOW DOES THIS WORK?!

Will you show me your tattoos?