May 6th, 2013

Tom Hiddleston

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What are the general elections like in your country?

What measures are taken to prevent voting fraud?

Does your country use indelible ink to ensure there are no repeat voters?
If not, how does it ensure that there are no repeat voters?

Do you use paper ballots or electronic ones?
I'm particularly interested in electronic ballots and the safety of them. What if people hacked into the system?

(Inspired by the huge mess happening in my country with phantom voters + migrant voters + bombs + violence + cheap dirty tricks in today's elections)

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Ahhhh TQC I am going on vacation in a few hours and won't check in with you, my beloved family , for at least a month.
What are some kind words you can leave with me that will help me make it through the next fortnight and a half???

(no subject)

1. What are things you splurge on?

2. What are the best ways to go about job hunting for jobs in a different city located 4 hours away? Have you had more luck with certain search engines more than others?

(no subject)

Will you play word/phrase association game with me? What do the following make you think of?

1. Jellybeans
2. Rhodesia
3. Swiss cheese
4. Dwarves
5. Martin Luther King, Jr
6. Tab soda
7. Toenail clippings
8. Hospice
9. Your Happy Place
10. Dumpster
TVD: damon eyes
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Bridal Shower

So I'm going to my friends bridal shower and the theme is Around The Clock. That means that each person is given a time and is supposed to bring a gift that corresponds with that time, or that the bride will use at that time.

I have 3am. What should I bring?
devon ramen

(no subject)

in the GP clinics i've been to in this country, they ask us to fill out a form (if it's our first time there) and one question asks whether you take marijuana. this may be a stupid/obvious question, but why would they ask this? how would asking about marijuana specifically be of use to GPs?
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(no subject)

Can I eat normal food after getting a cavity filling? Should I prepare/buy something ahead of time, or avoid something?

What are your favourite tumblr blogs and why?

What is your favourite TV show right now? What's it about?

If you have one, what do you grow in your vegetable garden?