May 5th, 2013

What Would Wonder Woman Do

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Long story short: how awkward would it be to give my ex-husband and his long-time girlfriend a gift for their new baby girl, due later this month?

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DK/DC/Ugh baby-mama drama: Are you doing anything for Cinco de Mayo? Tacos, Cuervo, declaring independence from Napoleon, etc?
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Dog Tricks

What's the best dog trick you've ever seen?

My dog is going to a doggie meetup with a "best trick" competition and I need to show him off.  Bonus points if you can think of any not-too-complicated tricks related to the things he already knows: sit, down, stay, "dance," stand up, shake, high five, jump up, jump down, fetch, hand me that toy, jump in (-to a box), jump out (of the box).  He sucks at catching things and he refuses to learn roll over.

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You have to spend the next two months going about your regular life and routine, but dressed ONLY in vintage clothes and shoes from a previous decade. Which decades clothing do you go with?

I'd prefer to go the nudist route
Spirited Away, Chihiro rain

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In two weeks, I am going to gay prom with some friends. I can't decide what I should wear. Which combination sounds the best?

What dress should I wear to Gay Prom?

Pinstripe dress with A-line skirt, purple crinoline, and stockings with a little bow print on the back
Red, satin sheath dress with fishnets
Body-con dress with a black lower half, and a pink sequined upper half
Black lace peplum dress with cap sleeves
White, short, prom-like dress with big rosettes on top, and a tulle skirt

sleep schedule working part-time overnights & other job advice questions

TQC, anyone who works (or has worked) part-time overnights, like just one or two nights a week, how do you do it?
Do you try to stay up late and sleep late the night(s) before the work night(s)? Do you just keep a regular schedule the rest of the week and freaking overdose on coffee that one night? Then when do you sleep the next day, and wake up? I am having so much difficulty trying to figure out my new schedule, please help.

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About 8 months ago, I was carrying my son to the car when I stepped off a curb weirdly. Because I was holding him, I didn't use my arms to break my fall whatsoever and landed hard on my lower back right onto the concrete. I couldn't sit (or basically move at all) without pain for several weeks.

I've been periodically having tingling in my left forearm and pain in my left shoulder. My forearm will have this strange numb, tingly sensation, and there's not much I can do to stop it. I've tried massage, medication, etc. I even went to a cardiologist to rule out some kind of heart issues.

Could I have pinched a nerve or damaged my spine in some way that's now leading to these issues? I've tried looking this up for myself, but I'm not finding a lot of information.

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I'll be in Dubai tomorrow for 8-10 hours....what should i do to entertain myself?

I've been to Dubai 20+ times already....jsyk

Would you consider me a seasoned traveller?

I shop for luggage like other people shop for shoes

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OK, so we've had the question about the coolest class you took in high school or college.

Which was the worst class you took in high school or college? "Worst" in whatever way you like - hardest, crummiest teacher, dullest, etc.