May 1st, 2013

First question!

Does anyone know if private checking or savings accounts are monitored by agencies such as the IRS for large deposits? I seem to remember that deposits of over $10,000 trigger some sort of alarm.

Thanks for any insight.

Thanks to everyone who responded! I really appreciate your help!

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what is "proper" bbq made out of?

meat is murder
silly haji, bbq is a verb not a noun
other in comments
ticky!! yay

what kind of bbq sauce do you prefer?

vinegar basd
tomato based
mustard based
molasses based
vodka based
silly haji, you have a foodie problem
peanut butter based
other in comments
dog health

(no subject)

Hi, I moved 2 months ago to a new house, and only recently my email has not been working at all. I can't send or receive emails. When I was living with my parents, their internet and phone connections were with Optus (my email is an optusnet one), but now I'm living in shared accommodation with only internet that is with BigPond.

Is there any way to fix my account so that I can get my emails by using the same Optus email address, but with the BigPond provider?
As far as I know, my parents haven't disconnected their Optus accounts.

I access my emails through my Apple Macbook's "Mail" app. What should I have listed for my "Incoming mail server", and for my "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)"?

I've already tried speaking to Optus' online technical support, and I've also tried calling them, but they were just hopeless and gave me the number to another department, and each department after that did the same thing.
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1. Do your friends and your SO get along? Would your SO hang out with your friends if you weren't involved?

2. How much do you tip a barista? I am still not sure about this. I tip between 50 cents and a dollar for drinks that require more than just putting coffee in a cup.
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John Barrowman/Jack Harkness fans.....

would you post a picture of your fave picture of John Barrowman/Jack Harkness?

If your not a fan OR have no clue who he is...would you google him post a picture you like of him?

so random...just go with it. I want to see...what you guys come up with...
warhol zebra

baby i can drive my car

TQC, today I finally learned to drive my stick-shift car!! I now feel like I actually own it, despite having had the title for a few weeks. What can I do to make it my own? What kinds of things will be useful to keep in the car? (Aside from an emergency kit in the trunk that is.) Other than a cassette adapter for my ipod (fuck yeah tape deck!) a sun shade, and maybe something pretty to hang from the mirror, I'm coming up blank.

Any tips for a first-time car owner?