April 30th, 2013


My shop started charging for bags last Saturday. 10p for large bags, 5p for regular bags. I haven't been to work since the day they implemented this, but I have heard already that the cashiers are already getting hassle from the customers. What would be the best way to tell the customer that we are now charging for the bags? I always start off by saying "Hello, do you need a bag?"

I was thinking maybe changing this to "Hello, just so you know, we're charging for carrier bags, would you still like one?"

If a cashier said this to you, would you be happy or would the fact we're charging still upset you? (Please humour me and pretend that you'd get upset by a charge for carrier bags).
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Favorite Room Question

What is your favorite room in your house? What is it about it that makes it your favorite? Can you describe it (a little, or a lot?)? If you absolutely hate the place where you live and don't have a favorite room (I have lived in situations like that before, urghh) then can you describe what your favorite room would be and what it would be like if you could wave a magic wand and create it?

Don't know/Don't care: How is your spring going? Suckin' or awesome or mediocre?
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for those of you who have graduated from college/uni, were you given a gift by your family members, friends, SOs? what were they?

it's coming winter here and i wanna change my hair colour. im thinking of bleaching it and going for a light brown or a deep auburn. i look good with lighter hair (tried it before) but i really wanna try auburn, although i might look a bit... sallow. if it helps, i'm asian with tan skin. soooo, auburn or light brown??
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Interview questions

I have an interview tomorrow and I am not sure how to answer this question:

"Why do you want to move up?" (I'm applying for a supervisory position in my department with no previous supervisory experience)

Also, for those of you who are supervisors/have interviewed potential supervisors, can you give me a question in which I can practice? Thank you!


I will be going to Paris for a few days in June. Probably.

Any nice affordable hotels, hostels, b&b's recs?

Great restaurants to visit?

dk/dc: I haven't posted to lj for a longer time, since when do I need to input my pw and lj name when posting an entry? lol fail my pc told me I was logged in when in fact I was not logged in
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First Question!! About laptops...

I've used a desktop computer since they first came out, but I've been splitting my time recently between a laptop (fullsize, not netbook sized) and the desktop. I've found that I have no trouble whatsoever with the desktop keyboard, but on the laptop, oh my god...

It tabs when it feels like it, the cursor will jump back into the paragraph above, sometimes the cursor goes out of the text box altogether, sometimes it'll highlight and DELETE whole blocks of text, it's like the keyboard is possessed. No virii, I scan it weekly. I know I'm doing something wrong with the keying. I've learned not to rest my thumbs on the mousepad, but what else could I be doing that makes the cursor act like such an asshole?

Help me, TQC, you're my only hope!