April 29th, 2013

devon ramen

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im planning on going to bali by myself for about a month sometime after i graduate. ive had no experience traveling alone and im more introverted than i am extroverted although i can be social.
to anyone who has been in bali - would you recommend this? would i still be able to have fun and meet people? would it be safe?
screw u

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What shows do you have on your DVR?

What is your most favorite thing about your job?

How many times a day do you check your email?

Do you Instagram or Twitter?  Care to share your usernames so we can follow?

When your phone rings and it's an unknown number (either it isn't in your contacts list or shows "unknown"), do you still answer?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

what berm in this?

Someone posted on their blog about a book where mice take over a city and base their behaviour on what they think humans were like. I can't remember the title though and the blog is now gone. Any ideas what the book is? I think it was something like 'play little children' buy google shows nothing. Any ideas?

Turns out I had one word wrong- the book is Play Little Victims by Kenneth Cook. And with that, I'm off to bookstore!

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For those of you who have purchased a home, what was the process like? How much (percentage) did you have to put down for a down payment? how did you go about getting a loan?

Boston Legal

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Has a family member (immediate or in-laws) ever said or done something to you that you found to be unforgivable? How did you handle it? If you held/are holding a grudge, how do you know when it needs to end? Or if it even should end?
a few fave things

Video game question

Anyway play white knight chronicles international edition?

If you played did you do the online mode?

Though it would be fun to play with friend no clue how it works.

The area I am at has option to text a message. I tried to google. One says only certain place, another said server is closed that's for the original edition,

So am hoping to learn more.

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Once my contract is up I am thinking of downgrading my smart phone to a phone that just calls and texts. But I feel like I may regret it later...can you give me some examples of times when a smart phone really comes in handy?

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Where do you get ideas for what to cook for dinner? We literally eat the same six-seven things every week, but I'm not good at coming up with new ideas.

Edit: This is a typical week at our house:

Cream of mushroom chicken or pork chips with baked potatoes and macaroni & cheese
Grilled chicken paninis and spring salad (what we ate tonight again)
London broil & mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese
Roast beef/steak & baked potatoes
Some kind of cheese-smothered chicken thing with biscuits and baked/mashed potatoes
Hamburger helper (I LOVE hamburger helper)
We go out to eat/pick up sushi
Rinse and repeat.

About once a week, we also have pizza/takeout/frozen something or other because we're both too busy or lazy or tired to cook, but I really want to stop doing that so often.

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TQC! As always, I come to you to help me decide my decisions.

In November, I am running my first marathon in Philadelphia. I live closer to Baltimore and the race starts early, so I'd like to stay in Philly the night before. I'd also like the stay in Philly the night after, so I don't have to worry about packing up and sitting in a car for two hours when all I'll want to do is soak in ice water, sleep, and eat everything.

My options are:

To stay with my husband's grandmother in her house on the other side of the city and have to worry about public transportation the morning of the race. It would be a free place to stay, but my in-laws have done this event before and said it was extremely stressful getting to the start and they wished they'd gotten a hotel closer--especially for a first-time marathoner. Also I anticipate wanting some quiet alone time that weekend rather than grandma-schmoozing time.

Or to get a hotel room, which will be closer to the course and much nicer, but mad expensive. Like $400+ for both nights.

I just got a new job and am not used to having money; I can technically afford it, but that doesn't mean I want to spend it! So my question is: do you think all the inconvenience of staying with Gma would be worth saving $400?? Or should I suck it up and make it a lovely weekend and treat myself for (hopefully) accomplishing something really hard?


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I got a Google Nexus 7 as a going away present!
What tips/tricks/apps should I have to make the most of it? Bonus points if they don't require internet so I can use them on the plane.
In other news, I am moving to the USA tomorrow. Help. 

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What is the last embarrassing thing that happened to you?
Inspired by the fact that during a choir rehearsal this evening, I saw a huge spider and was so frightened that I jumped in the air and ran to other seats, whilst the other members of my section attempted to get rid of it. The conductor then actually stopped conducting the choir of 180+ people to find out what was going on, and obviously everyone laughed at me. :( In my defense, it kept on chasing me every time I moved!